Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


22. Thank you!

I left the room and went to check on Darcy who was silently sleeping. I smiled and kissed her forehead before leaving. I went to the bookshelf and opened the scrap book Brooke tried to make. We all looked so happy. The summer before this all happened our picture in Italy. Years back our senior pictures side by side. Our vows that we never needed but wrote for Vegas. I had to shut it quickly to prevent myself from bawling and getting tear drops on the book. I put my elbows in the ground and my legs close and cried. Why did life do this to me? Me! What did I ever do?! Yes I made mistakes but forgive me!! All I wanted was a perfect family. I don't have a job, a kid I can't support, my wife's gone, and I'm going bankrupt! What more could happen! I want to go to Brooke's funeral but one they won't let me and I don't have money! Me and Darcy are going have to move. Isn't life just amazing?! 
"Why me?! Why me God?! I never wanted this to happen!! Never ever!" I cried out slamming my fists on the ground. 
Darcy's door opened. 
"Daddy what's wrong?" She asked.
"Darcy go back to bed!" I shouted in tears. 
I heard her sniffle which means I made her cry.
"I'm sorry daddy!" She said before running into her room. 
I got up wiped my tears and went upstairs to her room. 
She was cuddling her teddy bear Brooke gave her crying. 
I went over her bed and picked her up and hugged her in my arms her still crying.
"I'm sorry daddy!" She said. 
"You didn't do anything princess. It's my fault, I didn't mean to scream at you," I said.
I kissed her head again and tucked her In.
Days passed and things got better but also got worse. I could finally go a day without crying, barley. But I was running out of money fast. I always talked low and quietly.
One I got a call from Courtney Brooke's step sister. She was the only that actually liked me as a person. 
C-Hey Harry is Courtney 
H-Oh hi how are you?
C-Good, you?
C-I'm so sorry. Anyways I over heard my dad saying you called and wanted to come to Brooke's funeral.
H-Yes I really do
C- I think I could find enough money to get you here. Even if my dad won't let you come I will let you in. 
H-That's great! Thanks so much Court! 
C-No problem. I'll send a check to you for you and Dar-
She got cut off it sounded like the phone was taken away from her. Let alone that was Brooke's step dad, Scott.
S-you are not coming to her funeral no matter what Harry Styles!!
He hung up. 
Days went on and no check. I guess I really wasn't going. 
I actually went shopping about 1 week and ran into Niall. I haven't seen him in like 6 years. 
"Oh hey dude," he said.
"Hi," I mumbled quietly.
"You've gotten extremely skinny man! I know I heard Brooke passed away. Scott told me," he said touching my loose shirt that used to be tight. 
"What? Scott told you?" I asked. 
"Yeah I'm going to the funeral. Aren't you?" 
"No, Scott won't let me. He hates me more than anything. I loved Brooke more than myself and anything in the world! I can't go Darcy can't go-" 
"My daughter? Brooke's daughter,"
"She can't even go to her mommy's funeral?" 
"Nope. I don't even have enough money to go if I could. I'm almost broke," 
"I'm so sorry. I wish you could go," 
"Same. Well see ya," 
I turned around holding in tears and continued shopping. I was about to leave and someone tapped me. I turned around and Niall was there with two pieces of paper. 
"Dude, she needs to go to her mommy's funeral. Here's a check for you two to go, money for a suit and dress for Darcy, and a paper with the date and times of the funeral and wake," he said giving it to me. 
I looked at him and hugged him so tightly crying.
"Thank you so much!! Thank you thank you thank you!!" 
I'm going I'm going!!! 


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