Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


17. Shoot me please

I woke up the next day beside Harry. 
"Oh my god," I whispered. I ran outside the bedroom and I found Kalel passed out in the couch with Liam. Fully clothed. 
"Kalel," I whispered.
No response. 
No response. 
"Kalel!!!" I screamed. 
She freaked out, fell on the ground, and Liam fell with her.
"What?!" Kalel yelled.
"Come with me!" 
She slopped over to me and we went into the bathroom.
"I slept with Harry," 
"What the hell you slut! It's been 2013 for how Long 6 hours and you already didn't start out on a clean slate," 
"I'm sorry, but what should I fucking do?! I'm dating Niall. This is all Harry's fault, he turned me on," 
"Who cares who's fault! I am really mad at you Brooke! You can't just sleep around. You're life isn't a movie you can't do this!"
"I'm sorry Kalel please don't hate me!" 
"Hate you! I would never hate you I'm just disappointed. Did you use protection?" 
"You could be pregnant!" 
"I am I never will be," 
"Don't say that!" 
"No I found out I can never have kids!"
He gasped a little bit.
"Brooke, I'm so sorry," 
I started crying. 
"Don't cry baby,"  
She hugged me and I felt like throwing up.
I pushed her away and threw up. 
"How much did you drink like last night?" 
"A lot" I moaned. 
"Ugh, I don't know what to do!" 
*knock knock*
"What?!" I moaned. 
"Brooke?" Harry said.
"Go away bitch!" I said.
"Why are you calling him that?" Kalel asked me. 
"Because of him Niall's gonna break up with me," 
"Because of both of you. Just talk to him okay," 
"Ugh," I moaned as I got up. 
I opened the door and harry was standing there hopeful. 
"Okay sit down," I ordered. 
We sat down and I decided to start
"Listen Harry. That was a drunken mistake. It didn't mean anything. I am going to tell Niall and if he brakes up with me, he does okay?" 
"It meant nothing? How could you at that?"
"Because I'm in a relationship!" 
"Don't yell. Okay okay, I understand Brooke. We will never be together, I'll jut get over it," he said getting up and walking away.
"Harry don't be like this," I begged.
"You're making me like this. I'm not just like this!" 
I rolled my eyes.
"Okay that's fine. Be with Niall, perfectly fine with it," he said leaving the room.
I left and went back home and I was craving chocolate. Anything chocolate, really craving anything right now. I literally couldn't stop eating. 
I still haven't told Niall yet, he's been busy. Once winter break ended I still haven't told Niall yet. But I've been waking up everyday throwing up. For some stupid reason I bought 5 pregnancy testers and they all came out positive. What no. This can't happen to me. The doctor said I couldn't have kids, ever.  I didn't tell anyone I was doing this because Kalel would freak, Harry would well I don't know, and Niall would ask who's it was. After school I went to the genealogist to see if I really was and I fucking was! I knew that doctor Harry took me to was sketchy!!! I fucking knew it!!!! 
Oh my fucking god!!!!
I needed to tell someone and someone was Harry. 
I called him over to my house and at first he didn't even answer my calls but he finally did and came over. 
"So what's the huge deal that you needed me to come over?" Harry asked sitting down next to me.
"I'm pregnant," I said getting straight to the point.
"Oh. That's great. Niall will be the great father," 
 "Niall and I haven't had sex in over three months. If I'm pregnant your the father," I said sadly. 
"Oh. Oh really? Did you tell Niall?" 
"No. And just because you're the father doesn't mean you can just have a free pass into my life. If Niall is okay with this then he will be the father," 
"But if I'm the genetic father I should be apart of this too," 
"Harry we'll talk. Now please leave so I can tell Niall,"
Niall came over and I was so under pressure.
"What's up Brooke?" 
"I'm pregnant," 
"Wait. How? We haven't had sex in over three months," 
Uh!!! What should I do?!?!?!
"Uh no we did the day before New Year's Eve. You were drunk and you don't remember but we did," 
"Are you sure?" 
"Oh my god that's great!!" He said hugging me.
Can someone shoot me please. I just keep lying and it's not okay. 
"It's really great. Our kid," I lied. 

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