Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


15. Niall

 It quickly turned into a hot make out session. Then, he threw his shirt off. I knew what he wanted so I took my shirt off and he started to massage my boobs through my bra. I quickly reacted and palmed his already hard cock. He let out a low groan which turned me on. I was already wet. He moved my jeans down, throwing it into the front seat. I realized he had already taken my panties off too. He blew onto my thighs which made me shiver. His tongue licked my clit, getting every inch of it. He covered my mouth to muffle the moans. I gripped his hair hard. His hair was greasy from the sweat and the moisture in the air. And right when I was about to cum, he pulled his tongue out. 
"Niall!" I yelped. He took his pants and boxers off and I moved down. His erection was slapped against his stomach. I wrapped my hands around it and locked my lips around it. I scratched the undershaft softly and sucked hard on his erection. He was on the bottom and helpless. He was thrashing his head around like mad.  I ran my fingers up and down his erection and he let out a bunch of groans and moans. I could hear things like
 "Fuck Brooke….." which he has mumbled. I felt his erection twitch and I pulled away. He gasped at the loss of contact. 
"What the fu-" He was cut off by my kiss. He flipped me over so he was dominant. He teased me with his tip. He kissed down my neck, trying to find m sweet spot. 
"Niall.. please don’t tease me." I moaned out. He slipped into me fast, giving me no time to adjust. He thrusted in and out quickly by the second. I held my hips as he moved in and out. I raked my fingers up and down his back and he took that as encouragement. I felt the pit of my stomach knot. 
"N-Niall… I’m cumming." I screamed as I came onto him, hard. Niall thrusts got sloppy, and I knew he was going to cum. I few thrusts later, he came and pulled out. He tried to lay on the seat with me, but he fell onto the floor and let out a groan. 
"Oh my fucking god," I said. 
Did this really just happen? Within minutes of breaking up with Harry! Harry didn't even call our lawyers yet. I technically just cheated on Harry! Well be broke up so haha. 
What was supposed to happen next? If it was Harry I would cuddle the fall asleep but Niall, uh. 
"Uh Niall I'm gonna get something to drink," I said wrapping the blanket around myself. 
He was asleep. On the ground. 
I left the bedroom and right outside the door was Kalel. 
"You don't realize how uncomfortable that 15 minutes was," she cringed. 
"I'm sorry. God I'm such a slut," I said going Into the kitchen. 
"You're tellin me. You brake Harry's heart then fuck his friend. Whore alert," 
"I don't even know what to do! Cuddling is to awkward, leaving is rude? Ugh!!" 
"Yeah I've heard 15 minutes of ugh's" 
I giggled a little bit. 
"Are you actually thinking about dating Niall?" She asked. 
"No. Well yes. I don't know. If he asked maybe," 
"If Harry found out. Ooo girl. You'd be in trouble," 
"Why would I be? I don't want to be! He's not in charge of my life," 
"But Brooke you're still married! Just because you broke up my mouth doesn't mean you did in papers. If the judge asks you guys if ether of you Guys had an affair you are required my law to say yes," 
"Are you serious?!" 
"Yup. 100 percent," 
"Shit," I whispered.
I walked back into the bedroom and Niall was back on the bed and I laid next to him. 
"Hi Brooke," he said smiling. 
"Hey Niall," I said very awkwardly.
"So I was just sitting here wondering since we are in LA do you want to go on a date with me tomorrow night?" 
Oh fuck.
"Um Niall we were planning on leaving tomorrow and going back to school since I've missed a lot....." 
His face got all sad.
"But I guess I could stay one more day,"
His face lite up. 
"Thank you," he said kissing me.
He kissed me. He honestly kissed me. I felt a little spark there so I went with it. The next day I went to the hotel and gathered all my old stuff. Walking out the door I ran into Harry.
"Oh hi,"I said awkwardly. 
"Hey Brooke. How are you?" 
"Good good. You?" 
"Hanging on. I'm going back home today so," 
"Oh I'm leaving tomorrow," 
"Oh you are. Why?" 
"I can't really talk I really have to go," 
"Oh sorry. Bye, text me," 
"Yeah. Bye," 
Well that was awkward.
That night I went on my date with Niall. He took me to this great restaurant and we really got to know each other. He's a really funny guy you know. I actually thought this is gonna work.
The next day I got home and the day after that I went to school. It was really awkward around Harry I really didn't like it. The first day I was back me and Niall were holding hands and showing PDA. I know Harry saw but it wasn't completely my fault. Maybe is was but I don't care. I really thought Niall Liked me a lot. But that night he didn't call me. The next day at school he wasn't there. The day after like he had a cast and ignored me and avoided me. What was going on

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