Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


13. Modeling

That night while we were packing to leave for Mexico Harry kept saying how happy he was. He didn't know that I had other plans though.
"I really can't wait to go to Mexico with you!" Harry said happily. 
"Yeah about that," I said folding my clothes. 
"No wait. When we get to the airport flying first class. Ahh! I can't wait," 
"No Harry listen," 
"One sec. We can get massages at the resort, swim in the ocean, I just can't wait!" 
"Harry I can't go!!" I blurted out. 
He sighed. 
"Of course. There's always something," he mumbled under his breath. 
"Harry please," 
"No. I'm sick of this shit!" He said throwing his shirt across the room.
"I got a modeling opportunity in LA," 
He ignored me. 
"Aren't you happy for me? I'm your wife. You should be happy that I got this amazing opportunity!" 
He kept ignoring me. 
"Why did I do this?" I mumbled.
"Do what?" He asked.
"Marry someone who doesn't care about me!" 
"I don't care about you?! Could you be that stupid? Of course I care about you! If I didn't care about you I wouldn't of taken you back, or even married you!" 
"Why didn't you respond to me then!" 
"I don't know. I'm sorry," 
He hugged me and we sat down to talk about this. 
"I really want to go to this and I really would like your support through this," I said. 
"I will. We can just re-plan the honeymoon," 
"Your the best!" 
I gave him a hug then I left to get a glass of water, where I met Kalel in the kitchen.
"Brooke! What the hell! Can't you realize he's brainwashing you. Fake Apologizing just so he can do what he wants say he's gonna change, make you happy and never change and keep doing that," 
"He's not doing that. I know him," 
"You know him? You met him in September, it's fricken October! You don't know shit about him," 
"You know Kalel I thought you were my best friend. Now I'm not so sure. Best friends are supposed to be nice and support one another. Not tear each other down," I said walking back to the bedroom and continued packing. 
The next morning we flew to LA just me and Harry early.
That afternoon we checked into the hotel which was very very beautiful and expensive. 
I left Harry at the hotel and went to the modeling agency. 
I just did modeling for the cover not going to explain it because it was just normal stuff. They told me so stay in LA longer just in case something else came up. 
When I got home it was about 12:30am and Harry was no where to be found.
B-Harry? Where are you?
H-Oh I went and met up with some friends, where just at his house. I'll be home soon.
I just hung up. 
That soon obviously meant 6am. 
He snuck into bed pretending he was always there but I knew. I didn't confront him because I assumed it was an accident.
 I didn't talk to Harry much that day because well, he wasn't here! He left to hang out with his new friends. I no one to talk to because Kalel and I weren't talking. I just spent my time in the hotel spa. Alone. :( 
That night around 6am while I was watching TV in my robe Harry came home. I was up because I slept half the day I woke up early. 
"What the hell are you doing home at this time?" I asked not even looking at him. 
"It's no big deal babe," he slurred before entering the bedroom. I stayed where I was in the living room alone. At around 7am I got a call from Playboy magazine wanting me to come in.
I guessed I needed to tell Harry I was leaving. 
"Okay Harry I'm leaving now," I said.
"Why?" He moaned. 
"For a magazine," 
"What magazine," 
He smiled and went back to sleep. 
"Pathetic," I mumbled before taking the keys. 
I went to the place and I basically had to be naked. Which I wasn't comfortable with at all. 
"I'm not sure if I want to do this," I said in my robe they gave me.
"It's completely safe. You will not be completely naked, you will have something else little on," he said.
It be nice to have Harry as support but of course no. 
"Okay I'll do it," 
I started to take my robe off when I saw Harry's head turn the corner. Then him and HIS FRIENDS walked on set. 
"Yeah I'm not doing this with them here," 
"Who are they?" 
"Well, one is my husband and the others I don't know," 
Harry seemed completely unaware what he was doing. 
They left and I finished the shoot safely. 
That night though.
"Harry we need to talk," 
"What about?" 
"What do you mean what about? You brought these strange guys on my modeling set where I was naked! That was completely inappropriate and I didn't appreciate it," 
"Brooke I'm sorry. I really am. It was childish of me and I really wanted to see my wife," 
I Ignored him and went to bed. 
While I was sleeping Harry came to bed and woke me up.
"Brooke I'm sorry," he said. 
He leaned in to kiss me and I went with it. Soon enough I was naked and so was he. 
"Im sorry Brooke but Finally your all mine now” he said and ripped his pants of making his hard rock bulge out of his boxers. I wrapped my legs around Harrys waist as we continue to kiss with his tongue begging to come in. We made out until i couldn’t take it anymore.
“Harry please” I said and he knew exactly what to do.
He got on top of me and positioning himself with his length about to enter my opening.
“Ready” he said as i nodded.
He plunged into me fast and hard not giving me time to get use to how big it was. 
“Faster Harry faster!!” I shouted almost reaching my climax. 
I could feel he was close too. Have a few more times i finally let go inside of him as he did the same in me.
We laid next to each other with his hand wrapped around my waist. 
“That was amazing, thank you Harry.”
“You’re welcome gorgeous” and with that we both feel asleep in the arms of each other.
I forgive way to easily. 
The next day Harry left around 12 of course and I stayed in bed and Around 11:30 someone knocked at my door. 
It was Kalel. 
"What are you doing here?" I asked. 
"Not important! I followed you guys to LA because Harry was acting fishy. I followed him to clubs and he was well this is gonna be hard to hear but he was always late because he was at some other girls place," 
Then she showed me videos and pictures of them dancing and kissing.

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