Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


3. Choices


"OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!" They lifted their heads and saw me and didn't say a word. I was full of crazy emotions. Sickness, abandonment, sadness, and anger. 
"It's not what it looks like!" Harry protested.
I ignored him went into my room threw all my clothes into my bag grabbed my laptop and phone with chargers and grabbed my keys and left.  Harry tried to stop me on the way out. 
"Brooke please," 
"No Harry! You hurt me little by little I don't mind! But you sleep with my own mom! You crossed the line! I never want to see your face ever again!!" I said bawling in tears. 
I drove to Kalel's house at 12:30am and knocked at the door. 
"Can I stay here please?" I asked her when she answered. I was in tears.
"Aww baby of course!" She said hugging me. 
We went upstairs to her room and I unpacked. She has an extra bed from when her older sister went to college. 
"What happened?" She asked sitting me down. 
I wiped away my tears and tried to talk.
"Well, I came home and Harry has in my kitchen with my mum and she was helping him with his eye. I thought nothing of it so I went upstairs and was on youtube till midnight. So I missed dinner. I went downstairs to find my mom to make it and I found her in her room having sex with Harry," 
"Oh my God girl," she said.
I nodded. 
She hugged me tight again.
"What are you gonna do when you see Harry tomorrow?" 
"I don't even know. Imma try to ignore him but I don't know," 
Finally the next day rolled around.
I went to my locker and while I was getting my books for class Harry came to his locker.
"Hey Brooke," he said.
For the first time he actually greeted me with my name. 
"Good Morning Ass Face," I said not even looking at him.
I heard him sigh. 
Our first class was Bio.
"Alright class grab your partner and continue your project," 
Harry came to the table and I ignored him. 
"Brooke? Brookie?" He asked.
"Don't call me that ass face," I said. 
"Okay fine if you wanna play that way we will bitch," 
"Harry! You slept with my mom! I have the right to be upset! I didn't even get an apologize,"
"Okay fine I'm sorry!"
"Teacher can I get a drink?" 
"Yes you can," 
As I started to leave the room Harry asked to go to the bathroom and he followed me. 
"What! I apologized!" He yelled while following me. 
"That was completely fake! You would only do that so we can go back to normal with you making fun of me!" 
"I only do that cause I like you!"
I paused there for a second. 
"Well... I don't like you! I like Niall!"
He looked a little disappointed. 
"Fine! I'm gonna make your life miserable!"  He said walking towards me. 
"Go ahead! See if I care!"
"I will! But first-"
He grabbed my face and kissed it. It was so strong I had to go against a wall. 
"I hate you," I moaned. 
"I hate you too," he said. 
I heard Niall' s voice down the hall so I quickly pushed Harry away and started yelling at him again.
"I hate you so much! You suck!!! Why would you ever do that?!" 
"Because she's hot!" 
"She's my mom!!" 
"Guys! Break it up!" Niall said while pushing us apart. 
I gave Harry a terrible look. 
Brooke I need to talk to you in private. Harry went back into the room and Niall talked to me.
"Do you wanna like get coffee sometime?" He asked nervously.
I know it took him a lot of courage to do this. 
"Um I would love you, but can I think about it for a little bit?"
"Oh, of course. Take as long as you want!" 
"Thanks. Well, see ya later," I said heading back into the room. 
"Yeah. See ya," 
He seemed a little disappointed. 
When I got back into the room Harry was sucking face with Melanie again. I sighed and continued the project. 
At lunch Harry grabbed me aside. 
"Are we going back to normal?"
"Yeah of course. I don't have a crush on you,"
"But you kissed me?"
"Yeah so?"
I think by saying that I broke his little bad boy heart a little.
"But- Umm. Okay that's good. See you later hoe bag," 
"Bye ass face," 
During lunch I got Kalel all up to date.
"No way!" She gasped 
"Way!" I said. 
"Who are you gonna go for?"
"Niall has a better chance, but I honestly don't know. I just don't feel like dating right now,"  I said while getting out my sandwich. 
"Niall! Go for Niall!" 
A note fell out of my bag.
"What's this?" I asked.
"Hope you have a wonderful day at school I'm sorry
Harry x" 
"It's from Harry," I said handing her the note and she read it. 
"Go for Harry! Harry!" She said. 
"I don't know Kalel!" 
"You're gonna have to pick soon, otherwise they're both gonna find someone else," 
"No they won't," 
"20 bucks?"
"Your on!" I said shaking her hand. 
At the End of the day Niall came up to me. 
"Have you made up your mind?"
"Ummm. No I haven't yet. Sorry Niall," 
"Oh it's fine," he said slowly walking away.
"You suck!"Kalel said hitting my arm.
"Ow! What?" I said rubbing my arm. 
"That poor little kid! He's so sweet and you say oh I'll think about it? Come on!" 
"Yo fuck tard! Can I talk you to?" Harry asked me. 
I walked over to him.
"Please go out with me! I'm sorry!" 
"I'll think about it," 
"Okay fine. Until then- " He tripped me.
"Haha!" Melanie said while walking over to Harry. 
"You're so hot Harry," she said while leaning in to kiss him. 
They started making out so I walked away.
That night I still stayed with Kalel. 
"I don't know who to choose Kalel!" I said falling on the bed. 
"Hurry up and pick!" 
"I don't know!" 

Who should she pick?!?!
Comment below!!! 
Niall or Harry

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