Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


21. Brooke Styles

Read while listening to my immortal or any depressing song.

Harry's POV 
The next day I told Darcy not to go to school. She understood but not really about what happened to Brooke. Sometimes life just like to do these things to you. The next morning I woke Darcy up and we are breakfast together. In silence. At our table her empty chair was there un touched. I just stared at it while I ate. I kept having to leave and cry. I didn't let Darcy leave my side that day because I just couldn't let that happen. That day I called and told everyone what happened. I couldn't make it through a single call without crying. Around 3 is the time Darcy would come home from school. She would always watch cartoons with Brooke, around 3 that's where Darcy led me. 
"Time to watch cartoons with mommy," she said. 
I sighed and held In my tears. 
"Sweetie mommy's up in the sky. In heaven," I sighed.
"wha?" She asked.
I just can't explain this to my 6 year old daughter. 
I started to get up to walk away but her hands grabbed mine.
"Daddy! Will you watch cartoons with me?" She asked. 
I sat down silently with her, put her on my lap, and wrapped my arms around her. 
She just doesn't understand what's going on. I know I should be the one to tell her but I'm just not stable right now. 
I texted my mum to come over tonight to tell her. 
Once my mum arrived I went to re bathroom crying. I slammed my hands onto the bathroom counter and started bawling. 
Why me? Over 7 billion people in the world and this had to happen to me?! I loved Brooke so much I never had the chance to tell her everyday. I promised I would and I won't break that promise. 
"Ahhh!!!" I screamed. 
I heard footsteps.
"Harry is everything okay?" My mum asked knocking on the door. 
"No mum it's not! I miss Brooke and I can't handle it!" I screamed kicking the wall. 
"Harry Darcy needs you. You are the only thing she has as a adult figure," I quickly opened the door and picked up Darcy. I hugged her tightly and cried and cried. She was crying also knowing what happened to Brooke. I have no friends, no wife and my life is terrible. I only have Darcy and my family. 
My mom went home and I prepared dinner for us. I made Darcy's favorite meal chicken strips with Apple slices on the side with caramel. 
I didn't eat because I just wasn't hungry, she ate while watching TV with me. At midnight I couldn't sleep and I didn't sleep in the bed. It was perfectly folded, nothing touched. Her makeup and clothes are where she left them. I stayed awake the whole night, planning the funeral. 
The next day I took Darcy to school and gave her a huge hug at her door. 
I went home and called Brooke's dad to ask about where they would want it held and information like that. 
What he said to me broke my heart. 
"Harry, we are not going to allow you to attend Brooke's funeral. You too had major problems, letting her overdose all the time. That is not responsible one bit. You guys were never married you don't need to attend if we don't want you to. If you show up, we will call the police to get you out. You're history with us, is not appropriate for the rest of our family to be around. Thank you," 
And hung up. 
I threw my phone at the wall and cracked the entire screen. I cried till I had to pick Darcy up. 
"Daddy what's wrong?" She asked while I buckled her in her char seat. 
"Sweetie, mommy's family won't let us watch her go to heaven," I said. 
"I don't know darling, I just don't know," I shut the car door and continued driving home. 
A week went by. 
I barley ate, I slept on the couch, I was depressed. 
I slowly became very skinny and weak. 
I thought to myself it's time to go into our room. I opened the door and  the smell of Brooke's perfume overtook my face. 
I slowly walked through, memories coming back. 
I opened her dresser and on the top was a small wooden box with a heart on it. I took it and sat on the bed. 
I opened it and was a picture of me and Brooke when we went to Las Vegas when we almost got married. We were so happy. It was taken in front of a fountain when the water was coming up. My arm around her shoulders and her arm around my waist. Our sunglasses, our clothes, our everything. So young. 
Underneath that was a love letter. 
Dear Harry my love,
    I know I don't always show how much I love you or how much I care, but I do. If you would ever die I would die with you. If something bad were to happen to you, I would rather it happen to me then ever you. I would never want to leave you. If I would ever leave you I want to say, I am always watching over you and our child Darcy Styles. When we meet each other again if I leave you will be the happiest day in my entire life, and it will always be. I love you. 
    ~Brooke Styles (heart) 

We were never married but she decided to take my name? 
I started tearing up and and a drop fell on the note. 
I put it back in and closed the box. 
I kissed the box and put it back into the drawer. 
I love you too Brooke. Forever.

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