that one day

One day Nova Timberlake gets a suprise on her birthday..... And it changes her life!!!


4. OH GOD!!

harry liam and louis sleeping on the floor and tera and zayn are awake. there is fish crackers all over the floor and they have ketchup and mustard all over there clothes." what happened in here?" i asked and tera and zayn looked at me like i was crazy. me and niall waited for an answer and no one said anything " are you going to answer me or just look at me like i am crazy?" i yell a little to loud waking up the sleeping boys. " well... uhmm..." tera and zayn studdered " i'm waiting " i snapped at them. " well it's not just mine and teras fault." zayn said looking at the ground " i don't give a rats ass whos fault it is!" i yelled again. " well you dont have the right yell at us like that!!" tera yelled back. " oh realy i dont have the right to! well last time i knew you are all in my house and made a big ass mess and you have the nerve to tell me i have no right to get mad. just look at yourself and look at the damn kitchen! there is gold fish everywhere! harry liam and louis were asleep on the floor and dont even get me stared with what is all over you all!" i yelled while giting in teras face. " you dont have to be such a bitch!!" she mumbled under he breath. " i have to leave before something bad happens to one of you or maybe even all of us!! i will be back when i get back!" i yelled one last time before walking into the living room and grabing my car keys and walking out of the house. i got into my car and turned on the music so i cant hear anyone. i was driving for about ten minutes before i drove into the Nandos parking lot. i got out of my car and walked inside. when i got inside my phone started to ring. it was Niall. " hello" i said " hey where are you at " he said kinda quite " Nandos" i said " ok i'll meat you there in ten ok" " ya ok" and with that we both hung up. i waited for abou ten minutes so i got out my phone to call niall and when i put my phone up to my ear Niall walked in all alone. he walked up to me and i looked at the ground. i was siting down at a table. Niall sqwated down in front of me and lifted up my chin so that me were looking into eachothers eyes. we stayed like that for a good ten minutes. then all of a sudden me and Niall were both leaning in and our lips tuched. when we pulled away we were both breathing heavly. " lets go home now " niall said into my ear. when he said that he stood up and helped me up to. " thanks for being here for me " i said that then kissed him on the check and in return he kissed me on the lips. Nialls plump lips is all i could think about.  we soon walked out of Nandos hand in hand

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