Angel Eyes

Annabelle is a girl who falls in love with a boy the only thing standing in her way is his deep dark secret and some well set rules. Annabelle is about to realize she is not who she thought she was.


2. Nightmmare

   "Annabelle" my mom was whispering in the air. "Mom" I was looking around and I wasn't in my room anymore. I was sitting in nothingness it was all just black. "You have betrayed me Annabelle." "I'm sorry mother. I tried to get back, but..." "Hush  child. We have already decided your fate" "W-we? M-my fate?" "Yes. We are going to take your soul" "Wait. What?'' Be fore I knew it lights were swirling around me and demon like figures were rushing towards me. I was screaming and trying to run, but I couldn't move. "You made me do this Annabelle" I could feel my soul lifting from my body. "No stop! Stop!" 

    I woke up panting and I was all sweaty. I turned toward my alarm clock and it read 7:30. Ugh I missed the bus again. I really need a car. I quickly got dressed and rushed out the door. I was running when I heard a beep come from beside me. I stopped to see that it was Nick. "Miss the bus again." He said grinning. 

 "No I just wanted to be all sweaty for school so I decided to run." I said sarcastically.

 "Well miss sassy pants would you like a ride?" 

 "Sure thanks" I got into the backseat.

 "You don't want to sit next to me?" He said giving me a pouty look through the mirror. He had such a beautiful shade of silver eyes. 

 "Maybe" i said back with a smile. He smiled back at me. Oh his smile was perfect and I could feel my stomach do some back flips.  "I know this is random, but has anyone told you that you have an unique eye color?" I told him

 ''No, but I have been told that I'm hot. Oh and that I'm dashing" He said and then flicked his brown hair, smiles, and winks at me. I started laughing and when I stopped I noticed him staring at me. 

  "What?" I asked scared that he thought my laugh was annoying. 

 ''" He responded like he was coming out of some sort of trance he was in. 

 "Okay then" I said. I was still wandering why he was staring when we reached the school. "Thanks for the ride again." I started walking away.

 "Wait I forgot to about your mom." Nick came running to me.

 "Oh. Um. She died," I said tearing up, "2 mins before I got home." I was now balling my eyes out.

 "I'm so sorry." He said. 

 "It's fine. Nothing you could have done. I probably would have missed it anyway." 

 He nodded and then pulled me in for a hug. "I know I just met you, but it feels like I have known you for years." He pulled away and wiped my tears. 

 "We still on for lunch?" I said to him. 

 "Of course. Well we should get going to class. See you at lunch." 

 "Yeah. See ya." I walked to the school office and when I got there Zoey was waiting for me. 

 "Finally! What took you so long?" She said while standing up. 

 "I missed the bus."

 "Ugh lets go before we're late." She tugged me along to homeroom and then to the rest of our boring  classes. Finally it was time for. I got my tray and looked for Nick. I couldn't find him so I went and sat with Zoey. 

 "Who were you looking for?" Zoey asked. 

 "Umm... I was going to have lunch with a guy I met yesterday." 

 "Really. What's his name? I can probably spot him." Zoey said starting to look 

 "Nick" I said and she immediately stopped and looked at me.

 "Please tell me it's not the same guy I'm thinking of. Does he have silver eyes and curly brown hair?"  

 "That's him." I said shocked at her reaction. 

 "You really shouldn't talk to him."

 "Why" I was so confused. 

 "He's dangerous." 

 "But aren't you considered dangerous and I hang out with you." 

 "We are two completely different kinds of dangerous." 

 "What is that supposed to mean?" 

 "I can't tell you till I find out who you really are." She then went to back to talking to her other friends. Now this is going to bug me the rest of the day. I decided to stop looking for Nick and try to join in on Zoey and her friends' conversation. That didn't work to well and I found myself looking for him again. I finally spotted him sitting with Jennifer and her group. Maybe that's why Zoey doesn't like him. I decided not to go over there so I just finished my lunch with time to spare. I started walking through the hallway when I found the art room. I walked into the room. 

 "May I help you." the teacher said from the back of the room and startled me. 

 "Oh. I'm sorry. I just finished my lunch and I was for something to do." 

 "It's fine dear. Do you like art?" she said. 

 "Yes I love to so much! It was one of the only things I could do where I use to live. May I paint you something?" 

 "Be my guest." I sat down on a stool in front of an empty canvas. I picked up the paintbrush and started. By the time I finished, I was late for class. 

 'Wow this is beautiful." the teacher said admiring my work. I painted an angel just receiving her wings. 

 "Thank you. I better get going I'm late for class." 

 "Oh don't worry about that. I told the office to inform you teacher that you will be in the art room with me." I was so happy she did this that I ran up and hugged her. She laughed. "But being in here comes at as price." 

 "Oh. What is it?"  

"I want you to teach with me everyday after school. I hold in art program in here." 

"I would love to." We shook on the deal Then, I had to go to my next class since I already missed one. I was walking through the crowded hallway when I was tugged back. "What the...Oh hey Nick" 

"Hey I missed you at lunch." 

"I was looking for you, but then Zoey told me something that confused me." 

"What was it?'' He looked a little worried. I was about to tell him, but then the warning bell rang. 

"Sorry, I'll have to tell you later." 

"But I have basketball practice after school so here." He handed my a piece of paper and I assumed it was his number. "Text me and tell me." 

"Alright" I took off to my classroom and I made it just in time. The rest of the day was filled with more boring classes. Finally, the last bell rang. I walked to my locker being bumped into a couple of times. Then, headed to the art room. When I walked in I saw my painting in the front of the room. 

The teacher came up, greeted me, and pulled me in front of the rest of the students. "Alright everyone, this is Annabelle. She is the one who painted this." Ms. Lynch said pointing to my painting. Everyone in the classroom clapped. 

"Thank you'' I looked around the room and saw some familiar faces, but I didn't recall any of their names. 

"Well I'm going to have to step out of the room for a minute so if you wouldn't mind watching them for me, Annabelle. They shouldn't be any trouble and they already know what their assignment is." 

"Alright" Ms. Lynch walked out of the room and everyone got busy with their work. I started to walk around the room to see what they were working on. I figured they were working on abstract paintings so I started working on my own painting for my mom's grave. We were all busy at work when we heard some loud, obnoxious people walking toward our room.

"Ugh, not again." one girl in the front of the room said. I was about to ask what's going on, but before I could the people were already in the room. Piling into the room was no other than the basketball team and how did I know well there standing right in front of me was Nick. 

"Well geeks, what are you working on today" the captain said and starting walking around looking at the paintings. "Aw isn't this cute! You guys are scribbling on a piece of paper" He then ripped it and dropped it on the floor. "Oops" and he laughed.

"Really you need to leave. What you're doing is disrespectful and frankly shows how much of a loser you are. Is this really what your doing with your life? Pathetic." I stood up and stalked over to him, stopping right in front of his face. 

"You're going to regret talking to me like that." He pushed me out of the way and grabbed some paints and threw them to his buddies including Nick who seemed startled that I was there. They started squirting everything with the paint including us and then they tore all of our paintings. I started to throw some paint brushes at them and they ran out laughing and giving each other high-fives. We were left with a mess looking like a mess. The room looked like unicorn threw up rainbows in it and our painting looked like a raging tiger got to them. Well I'm starting to feel like that raging tiger. The disrespect towards art is sickening. 

The teacher finally came back when we were finishing cleaning up. "Wow you guys were busy at work." she obviously had no idea what happened which seemed like what the rest of the students wanted. Everyone already had back up paintings except me, but I could just say I was helping them with their work if she asked. She told us we could go and I was the first one out of, hoping not to run into Nick. My hopes were gone when I heard someone yelling my name from behind me. He eventually caught up to me.

"Annabelle, look I'm sorry. I didn't know you were going to be there." He said

"Oh and it's alright if I wasn't there."  I rolled my eyes and continued walking at a fast pace. 

"I'm really sorry." He apologized again

"You know when Zoey told me you were dangerous I really didn't understand it,  but now I know what she meant." 

"Wait, she told you I was dangerous" 

"Yup, but she didn't trust me enough to explain how. It don't matter now." 

"Wow I'm going have to talk to Zoey about that one.'' He stormed seeming pretty upset. I began to feel sorry for him. Wait. Stop, you're mad at him quit being nice. I went home, did my homework, and went to bed to have yet another dream about the boy. 

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