love at first sight

when tyler saves savannahs life and protects her from every day life they have a connection more than anything they have ever felt


2. zayn's pissed

my eyes flutter open and i groan at the thought of dealing with zayn, i get up and dress on a black t shirt, dark purple skinny jeans, and white high tops, my shiny new shoes, i love them, they're good running shoes that actually makes you run faster, my brother gave them to me before he got deployed, i miss him so much, he is the only one who knows how i really feel after school, i feel my phone buzz

"good morning beautiful, cant wait to see you today" he texts

"good morning and cant wait to get beaten up by zayn again, just think how mad he is gonna be when he finds out" i reply

"don't worry, i will be your superman" i laugh

"i feel much better"


i walk downstairs to get breakfast and feed the cat, i grab a donut and a cold piece of pizza after i feed AJ, and go back upstairs, i get my stuff ready when my phone buzzes, this time its zayn

"im gonna kill you today" he says, i have butterflies in my stomach, so i text tyler

"can you change your schedule to mine, zayn just said he is gonna kill me today" i grab my backpack and slowly walk out the door

"yeah, do you want me to walk with you to school" he asks

"yes please, im on my way to your house"

"ok, see you i a minute" he replies, man i hope i don't run into zayn on the way to tylers house

when i walk up to his house he is waiting for me on the side walk, i walk over to him and i hug him tight, the warmth of his body is so comforting and relaxing, he kisses me on the head and we walk to school with him close to me, he puts his hand on my waist and pulls me closer to him, i look up at him and smile, there are not many people you can count on these days, so i feel safe, when i see zayn walking down his street towards us i get nervous, he sees us together and gives me a terrifying creeper death look, he starts running as fast as he can

"zayns coming" i scream as tyler and i run for the school building, we stop running when we get safely inside, he gets his new schedule from the lady at the front desk, and we walk to class hand in hand, while were walking a teacher yells at us to unlock hands, we listen to him and walk into our classroom zayn is sitting in my seat, so we walk to the back of the classroom and sit in the back corner, he sits in front of me and is constantly turned around and looking at my drawings, he says that i will be an artist some day, but i don't believe him, he has never heard me sing, everyone says that im an amazing singer, and when i put a video of me singing rolling in the deep on you tube i got one million likes in three days, and only one person didnt like it, i actually was given a chance to sing with Adele, but i turned it down,  i like my life the way it is, except for the zayn part

"hey, wanna hang out with us at lunch today" tyler asks, i look at him, "zayn will not be there, he has other people to hang out with"

"ok" i say as the bell rings, classes go by really slowly until its time for lunch, i follow tyler to his table, all the cool kids are there, they think that zayn is messed up for doing this to me, they seem to like me enough to be friends, so one of them asks for my number i give all of them my number, and they give me theirs, after school tyler and i see zayn and three of his friends

"why don't you just leave her alone for a day huh" tyler steps in front of me

"im not going after savannah today, im going after you" two of the guys hold him down, one holds me while zayn kicks, punches, and throws tyler, i scream, but the guy holding me back covers my mouth, i start to cry, i bite the guys hand and get free, i run over and push zayn away from tyler, i wrap my arms around him

"please stop, i didnt care when you hurt me, but don't hurt my friends" i beg him, crying into his shirt, he just stands there for a minute

"let him go and go home" zayn says, i let go of him and i run over to tyler in pain on the concrete, he has multiple cuts on him, has bruises all over, he is in worst shape than i ever was, he even had trouble standing up, i tell him to go home, i need to talk to zayn, he willingly walks limping, i walk back to zayn, a tear rolls down his cheek, i wipe it away as he looks at me

"im so sorry" he says pulling me into a hug, its nice to be in his arms in a positive way again, i hug him back tight

"i miss you" i cry a little

"i miss you too, can we be friends again" he says crying hard now

"yeah, i really wanted to ask you but i was afraid you would pound me" he laughs a bit

"i love you" he says kissing me on the cheek

"i love you too, but can we just be friends for now, i never stopped loving you" i say burying my face into his chest, i can hear his steady heart beat, we start walking home, he walks me home and hugs me goodbye, i run up to my room and text Aaron, he is one of my new friends, i talked to him and he seems pretty trustable, after a three hour conversation we say our goodbyes and stop texting each other, i go get a bowl of strawberries and an orange and go back up to m room, i get my sketchbook and draw in graffiti letters zayn or tyler and draw a picture of both of them as detailed as i can, i take a pic of it and send it to Alan, he is friends with both tyler and zayn and always has good advise

"you never told us you could draw that good, but i don't know, zayn just told me how you two are friends, but since youre close to them both go with the one who you can trust to talk about bad days and other stuff, anything you want to talk about you don't have to hesitate to say it" i knew i could count on him

"thanks a lot" he doesn't reply back, i grab a piece of paper as tall as i am i stay up all night drawing a life size picture of zayn, from head to toe i draw what he was like when i first met him a year ago, he hasn't changed a bit, that's what i like about him, when im done i pin it to the ceiling above my bed, so when ever i wake up i see him, i check the clock, its almost five in the morning so i watch a movie, i pick the avengers, by the time i finish the movie its about seven so i get something to eat, get dressed and go to school, i daydream about zayn and tyler and make their differences show who they really are, by the time im done zayn and tyler are equally good friends, so i try boyfriends, they tie again, i try to do boyfriends again when someone grabs my hand and makes me lose my concentration, when i look up i see zayn standing there, he smiles as we walk into the building and into the classroom and sit next to each other, he asks me to draw him a white rose in a pile of black ones, it takes the whole class but i get done and give it to him, i just noticed that tyler isn't here today, i look around the class but i still cant see him, so i text him, he doesn't answer, i start to get a little worried until i remember how much he was hurting yesterday, so he is probably resting at home, i calm down and hang out with zayn

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