love at first sight

when tyler saves savannahs life and protects her from every day life they have a connection more than anything they have ever felt


7. twitter

"why do you hate me" i say to myself and tweet it on my phone, i get tons of likes at that moment from celebrities and singers and actors and actresses, i tweet a frownie face and "its just i don't care what you say, but why do you hate me" harry styles tweets back immediately

"thank you, someone understands how i feel" i laugh

"ikr, it just sucks when people hate you for no reason, don't let peoples words change you harry, you are who you are, and you were meant to be that way, don't change yourself because people say your not good enough, youre perfect to me, tell the boys that for me please" thousands of people like and tweet back about it

"thanks, niall needs someone like you to talk to about himself, he changed his look because he thinks everyone hates him"

"but i love him"

"thank you, and i read what you said about not changing yourself, i really needed it, thanks again" niall tweeted

"no problem"

"how do you do it, ignore everything people say about you" zayn tweets

"i remember that i am who i am, and you should too, its about your personality that people should like you, not how hot you are, and none of you guys should have a problem with that, but i don't, or i try not to let peoples words effect me"

"that's so cool, we need to get together sometime, hey, maybe at that concert thing you were talking about yesterday, can we come" niall says

"of course, anyone can come, see you there, i need to rehearse, my singer is returning" i log off and put my phone away as zayn sits right next to me on the bench

"so whats happening, i saw you have quite a conversation on twitter with one direction"

"you were on twitter too"

"yeah, so is one direction really coming to our concert" he smiles

"yep, they told me they will"

"cool, with them there even more people will come hopefully"

"yeah, i hope we raise a lot of money, otherwise we will have done all of this for nothing" i look down at my phone

"don't worry, we will raise enough money for everyone in the hospital to have ten dollars" i smile at him and tyler comes back with three bagels

"i brought bagels" he sits down next to me

"we can see" zayn grabs one of the bagels and strawberry cream cheese out of his pocket, tyler looks at him shocked, all i can do is laugh while zayn spreads the cream cheese on the bagel laughing

"thanks tyler" he says taking a bite, tyler looks at me in horror, i take one and a cream cheese

"thank you" i say sweetly

"your welcome" he looks back at his bagel and spreads his cream cheese, zayn looks at him

"are you kidding me, you give me a horror look, and her a youre welcome" i laugh

"only cause she is awesomer" i laugh and zayn takes another bite of bagel

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