Arianna swore she never would do anything that would make people talk about her even more then they already did. But when she falls in love with Ethan, its too late to keep that promise.


4. Friday

"Arianna HOW COULD YOU?????" Ruby's voice blared through her phones speaker early Friday morning, just as Arianna was leaving for school. "Ethan told me everything. I tried to get back together with him last night, but he told me that he was in love with you, and that you guys kissed. How could you do that to me? I thought you were my best friend. But I guess not. I don't need to hear your bullshit. You are not my friend. And you never will be again. And since your not? I spread the rumors about you and my ex. I don't need you."

Arianna hung up the phone.

Arianna: Ruby is FREAKING out on me.

Ethan: I know. but you don't need her. You have Hannah. She is a much better best friend to you. And I will always be there for you.

Arianna was still confused by what happened last night. After they kissed he got dragged away by his best friend and they just texted the rest of the night. And he asked her on a date for Saturday.

Everyone was talking about her and Ethan when she got to school. Ruby's other bestie who I hate approached her in the hall.

"Wow, Arianna. Wayyy to be a bitch."

Things like this happened all day to her. The seniors were already gone, Ethan included, so she couldn't talk to him. Everyone except Hannah and Rachie, her real best friends, ignored her. Ruby managed to turn everyone against her.

After the final bell rang, everyone rushed out of the classrooms. Papers flying, locker doors slamming, and tearful goodbyes filled the hallway. She met Hannah and Rachie outside and tey drove to Hannah's house. They grabbed pizzas and sodas and sat in a circle on her floor. Arianna recounted the kiss to them. Then her phone dinged with a text from Ethan.

Ethan: Hey<3

Arianna: Hearts now? haha <3

Ethan: an amazing girl like you deserves hearts <3

Arianna: amazing guys deserve hearts too <3

Ethan: Its you that makes me amazing <3

Arianna: aw thanks <3

Ethan: I can't wait for our date tomorrow beautiful <33

Arianna: me either <33

Ethan: your so gorgeous<3333

Arianna: thanks <33

She showed the girls their texts.

"He is so going to ask to be his girlfriend tomorrow!!" Rachie said.

"For sure," Hannah agreed. Arianna couldn't hide her smile.


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