Adopted?! (Louis Tomlinson fan fic)

Faith Gunn's parents died at the age of 30 and 32 her and her twin brother we're only 11 when it happened... they lived in the orphanage until they were 18 then someone adopted both of them...
Who adopted them you ask? we don't know... we will have to find out together...


1. Louis Tomlinson??

Hi I'm Faith Melody Gunn, and I have a brother named Erik Mackoi Gunn yeah its spelled different in English its Micoy but they spell it differently..

Anyways! were 18! and we're ADOPTED!!! HURRAY!!!!!

were really excited, sadly we don't know who they are :(

BUT! we will in a few seco.. "FAITH, ERIK! GET DOWN HERE WITH YOUR STUFF! YOUR ADOPTED FATHER IS HERE!" the office lady named Siera said.. shes really nice apperantly... I never thought that, but its very posh in this orphanage, me and Erik's room has baby blue and pink walls and golden stripes. Its really Magnificent, my brother only likes the blue part... I on the other hand Love the room itself. I quickly grabbed my bag, laptop and blackberry from my bed and ran down the stairs with Erik

Once I was fully down the stairs I looked at Siera with a smile and waved, I looked up to see..

Louis Tomlinson?! what was he doing here???

"Uhh Louis Tomlinson? What are you doing here in an orphanage?" I said really confused "Are you Faith Gunn?" he asked.. Oh my lord, he knew me im fangirling inside.. "Uhh yes I am..?" I said more question like. Wow I just embarrassed myself infront of thee Louis Tomlinson, Great.. he must think im a shaggot Ejjiet.. "Well you and your brother Erik are getting adopted by me!" he showed his goofy grin. I checked for heartbeat, yep I'm still alive. "S-s-seriously? your not kidding me? because if this is one of Kelseys jokes just tell me now.." I almost cried, Erik looked at me the whole time just laughing inside, I turned to him and said "Well twin brother, I guess we'll be off!" I said in the most posh English voice ever. Erik just started laughing and said "O-o-oh my god Mel! STOP I told you a million times I hate laughing!" "Laughing is good for your immune system" Louis said with the most dead straight face I've ever seen. Have you seen the picture that said 'Have a pocket full of glitter, throw the glitter at your friends with a dead straight face and watch it fall on them'? well I just did that to Louis or now so called Dad, I guess, "Wait Louis" I said once we got into the car "Yes my love?" "Are you my dad now?" "No babe, Zayn is your dad. im just picking you up, im Erik's dad.." once Louis said 'im Erik's dad' Erik's eyes lit up and said "Does that me im not her brother anymore?" "Hey that's hurtful Mackoi!" I yell at him "Well im sorry Melody!" Louis interrupted us fighting "Okay! whats your real names! and why are you calling yourselves Mackoi and Melody?!" He said confused as hell "Ok im Faith Melody Gu.. I mean Malik and my Ejiiet brother here is Erik Mackoi Tomlinson, You happy Uncle Louis?" "Very." He replied

Louis' P.O.V

did she just call me Uncle Louis? YAY! SHE LOVES ME!! I love her too, shes so beautiful, those baby blue eyes, No Louis. You cant date your best mates Daughter, That would be weird. well, I got her brother. Looks like her, but even more weird. Louis what are you saying? you got a girlfriend! Eleanor Calder. The most Beautiful in the world,


How'd I do? if Im good just tell me in the comments please! Love you my stans...!

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