Trapped (One Direction)

Ivy Jones Is a typical teenage girl who despises the 5 boys her generation swoon over. Enjoying a typical day, she collides with a curly-mopped stranger. She looks up preparing to smart-ass the culprit to her fall, when her eyes fall upon emerald. Hypnotized by the depth they behold, her words escape her mind. Then a girl screams "Harry Styles", and she's filled with sudden hatred. Will this turn to be a simple hater-turned-lover story, or possess a twist no one could have predicted?


5. what to do

Harry's POV Today is the day that we do the press conference. I'm not looking forward to it. All Ivy has done is complain because we won't let her go home. I know it sounds like we kidnapped her, but honest to god we didn't, we just don't want to see her get hurt. Granted I may fancy her and all, but I've only known her for a few days and I know that Louis, Zayn and Niall like her also. This is going to be hard, if one of the other boys win her over, if they ever win her over, the I won't say anything about it. "Wake up Harry! We are going to be late!" Louis shouted in my ear, I winced and jolted out of bed. "God Lou did you have to shout in my bloody ear!" I yelled back to him. "You wouldn't wake up, so yes I did!" He yelled while walking out the door. I finally got up and went to take a shower. When I got out I put on a white tee shirt, and black skinny jeans. I ruffled my hair and let it air dry. I went down the stairs to find everyone in the family room. “Ah, there you are Harry, get your shoes on. We have to be at the radio station in 20 minutes.” Liam told me in a rush. Shit, I forgot about that interview on the radio this morning. I walked back to my room and got my shoes, this is going to be an interesting interview. I really don’t want to do this, but its for Uncle Si, so i have to. I just hope no one brings up Ivy, because I know I will slip and say I like her. _________________________________________________________ AFTER THE INTERVIEW Louis POV We just got home, that was crazy. There were so many girls in front of the studio, I thought we were never going to get out. I went up to my room to think about some things, for instance. I think I might be falling too hard for Ivy. We have had her locked up in this house for almost a week now and she refuses to really talk to us. I think it might be time to let her leave. I’ll just give her mine and the boys numbers, if she ever wants to contact us to hang out as friends then that's a step in the right direction. But if not then she has them for whenever she gets bored enough to text or call one of us. “Boys! Come to my room, I need to talk to you!” Right after I yelled for them, one by one each boy entered. Niall was the last one, so when he got into the room I just jumped right into what I had to say. “Boy, I think it is time to let Ivy go. We can give her our numbers just in case she wants to get a hold of us. Clearly she wants to go home, and we have to respect her.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So how did all of you like that! What bout what Louis had to say at the end, but none of you were expecting that! So what do you think the boys will say..... Comment what you think they will say and maybe one of you will be right. If one or more of you get it right I will put your name in the next chapter at the end with the authors note! So me and my cousin had a decent day, until she lost all but one of her papers! So you can just imagine all of the stress from that. And I already got homework, easy homework but on the first day. Yeah..... So how has all of your days been going? Can’t wait to put up the next chapter. I know this one was short but me and my cousin are making up for it in the next one! Have fun reading..... comment what you think should or will happen in the next chapter. We are up for ideas.
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