I can be your bad boy

There's a lot of things that i didn't plan to do on the summer going into my senior year. I didn't plan on losing most of my best friends just to be with one guy. As cliche as it sounds i specifically didn't plan on having romantic feelings for the bad boy.

-Being edited*


3. Date


It was 10:30 i don't really wake up early but i guess i got used to. I went to take a quick shower when i was done i wrapped my body in a towel and then did the same to my hair , i went back to my room and changed into blue shorts with a red superman shirt. I let my hair dry and went to the kitchen and got something to eat when my phone buzzed 

R-Hey wanna go to the mall ?

M-i cant i'm going to a party 

R-what time?

M-i have to be ready by seven 

R-well lets go to the mall right now and come back at five

M-alright , pick me up ?

R-yeah be there in ten minutes 

I went to my room and put my hair in a braid. I put on a mascara and eyeliner put on red toms and got my pursed. I went down to the kitchen and got a coke and went to the living room and started watching tv when my door opened.

"come one lets go"Renee said pulling my arm

"I need to teach you how to use a doorbell" i said turning off the tv and going outside with her , we got to her car and we went to the mall 

*skipping car ride*

We got to the car and started going to a lot of different stores i was looking for something to  wear for tonight but i had no clue what to wear. We got to rue 21 and i fell in love with a shirt it was black that was pretty short it went just above my belly button i got a pair of cheetah print leggings. I tried them on and asked Renee what she thought.

"It looks cute on you , you gonna buy ?" she asked 

"Yup , gonna wear it tonight "I said going back into the dressing room 

"Can i borrow your black heels" I asked while i was changing 

"Yeah it'll look great with that outfit , will your mom let you go like that" she asked

"she wont care i told her i was going on a date"i said walking out of the dressing room 

"Date ? with who ?"Renee asked as we walked to the front 

"Justin"i said giving my stuff to the lady in the front desk 

"What ?!" renee said with a worried look i gave the lady my money and got my change.

"Lets get some to eat" i said heading to the food court

"Sarah Gomez , you can not go with him hes trouble" Renee said looking into my eyes 

"I dont care hes sweet and i like him" i said walking up to subway me and renee got a foot long and split it in half.

"Just be careful , dont let him hurt you " Renee said taking a bite of her sub and i nodded my head when we fished we went back home we stoped at her house first to get the heels then she left me at my house . i curled my hair and re-did my make up by the time i was done it was almost 7 so i changed into my leggings and my shirt and put on the heels and went to the living room. The door rang and there was justin standing he was wearing black skinny jeans with a purple shirt and purple shoes.

"You look beautiful" Justin said looking me up and down 

"Thanks you dont look bad yourself" I said and walked out the door closing it behind me we got to the car and drove off tot he party 

*Skipping car ride*

we got to the party and it was packed justin took my hand and led me threw the people and we took a seat where the bar tender was 

"wanna bear ?" Justin asked i nodded my head as he ordered to bears i took mine and started to drink when i song came on that i loved 

"I love this song"i told justin dancing in my seat 

"lets go dance"He said as he grabbed my hand and dragged me out to the dance floor i started dancing along to the music justin right behind me i got lost in the music and forgot justin was behind me 

"I like how your hips move"Justin said turning me around and winked at me

"maybe ill show you more later tonight" i said and winked at him as he put his hand on my waist pulling me closer to him and crashed his lips on mine. He pulled away and lead me outside where it was more privet we sat on a bench and he sat me on his lap . Soon his lips where on mine again  we ended up making out as we pulled away for air i landed my lips on his neck and begin giving him small kisses all over his neck and up his jawline until i got to his lips and i gave a quick kiss before standing up 

"I gotta go it getting late" I said looking at him as he got up he drove me to my house and walked me to the door he gave me a quick kiss on the lips before leaving.



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