In the Heart of a Girl

Addison Grimes (Thats me) age 16, normal teenager living in an abnormal world. I'm not sure what is wrong with this town, or if anything like this exists beyond Gresham's city limits. It wasn't always like this. It all started when the Flourneys moved in...


1. Gresham

"Why did you do this to me. Why?! One day Addison Grimes, you will regret this, you will."


It was a normal day in Gresham, Oregan. Unfortunately cold, and rainy has become ordinary here. I have lived in this town since my mother died when I was seven. My mother was a person who constantly gave back. Never once did she pass up an offer to feed the homeless, or to donate anything to charity. My dad is the complete opposite. Dont get me wrong he is still loving and caring, but he could careless about what is happening outside our home walls. Me and my father arent very close so the only thing in my house that i spend my time with is my orange kitty Moglie. This town hasn't always been dark and gloomy, out of the nine years that I have lived here, only this past year has had a strange weather dysfunction. Last summer we had a new family move in next door, the Flourneys. They were a family of six. Mrs. June Flourney(35), Mr. Jake Flourney (43), Derrick Flourney (17) and twin sisters Autumn and Stormie Flourney (8). This might sound crazy but it seems like ever since they moved here, the town hasn't been the same. If you look down through my window in my room on the second floor, you can see right into their kitchen. I always see Mrs. Flourney cooking in there. One day I decided to take some 'welcome to the neighborhood' cookies over to their house. When I got over there Mr. Flourney answered the door. Mr. Flourney was very tall and had pitch black hair and green eyes. Behind him I could see Stormie's strangely beautiful grey eyes and long pitch black hair, just like her dad,from where I was standing. She seemed to never smile. Mr. Florney invited me inside, and took the cookies out of my hands. I cautiously entered the home and looked around. Stormie has seemed to have ran up the stairs. The home seemed very cozy. To the right was the extravagant kitchen with marble counter tops and an island in the middle. Like always Mrs. Flourney was in there cooking. Mrs. Flourney was taller than me but not extremely tall, she had bleach blond hair and crystal blue eyes. She was gorgeous. To the left of me there was the livingroom. To get there you had to go through an arch. I could faintly see autumn sitting on the floor with her barbies. Autumn was a light complected girl with blue eyes and very light brown hair. Stormie and her look exactly alike except for the hair and eye colors. Straight ahead was a large spiral staircase. Beside the staircase was a door, which I assumed was a bathroom. Mr. Flourney told me I could go upstairs and look around if I wanted too. As I slowly walked up the beautiful staircase, I realized how I haven't seen Derrick yet. I've never seen him, I only know his name. When I reached the top I walked down the hallway and came to a bunch of rooms. The more I walked through this house, the more it reminded me of the house we lived in with my mother. As I took a deep breath I opened the first door, it was an office, nothing exciting. I opened the next door and saw Stormie sitting on her bed. Her and autumn shared a room and Stormie's half of the room was painted a grey color and had nothing on the walls. Her bed cover was black and her sheets were a red checkered print. Autumn's half of the room was painted a light pink and her walls were covered with posters of boys and unicorns. Her bed cover was green and her sheets were rainbow. Also her bed was covered in stuffed animals. They both had a night stand with a clock and a lamp on it. I quickly said "sorry" and shut the door behind me. I quickly opened the next door and I stopped in my tracks. It was Derricks room. Derrick was a tall guy with dark black hair and blue eyes. He gave me a little half smile. His teeth were perfect! After I realized I had been standing there like an idiot I said "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" But before I could even turn around, he was standing in front of me holding the door. He said "Hi, I'm Derrick" being the stupid idiot that I am, I stood right in front of him saying nothing. Finally he said "and you are?" I exclaimed "ADDISON, Addison grimes." With a smile he said " Nice to meet you miss Addison." I said "You too" as I slowly backed out of the room. When the door shut, I took a huge breath and darted downstairs, not even worrying about the other doors. I said a quick thank you to Mr. And Mrs. Flourney, and ran back home and into my room. I jumped onto my bed and could not believe what just happened. 

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