In the Heart of a Girl

Addison Grimes (Thats me) age 16, normal teenager living in an abnormal world. I'm not sure what is wrong with this town, or if anything like this exists beyond Gresham's city limits. It wasn't always like this. It all started when the Flourneys moved in...


2. Gresham Pt. 2

                                                         **Derrick's POV**

"My parents never understand me. Ever. I am 17 and they have been moving me since I was born. Maybe this time we will stay. Hopefully." I whispered to myself as we were driving up to Oregon. I cannot believe my dad had to switch work again. My sister Autumn and Stormie were being oddly quiet. Stormie barely talks anyways but Autumn usually never shuts up, today isn't the same. When we pulled up to our new house it was awesome looking! It was a two story brick home. I looked out my window to the right and I saw a man in our neighbors yard holding a leash with what looked like an orange cat attached to it. "These people really do need  Flourney Family help." I opened the door and got out to stretch. Before I headed towards the door I saw Stormie pouting in the car. Being the "good big brother I am" I went to get her out. After I managed to pry her from the car seat, we went and took a tour of the house. My dad told me to not open the door under the stairs. Ever. Being the curious person I am I went and tried to open it. It was locked. I looked left and saw the beautiful spiral staircase. As I cautiously went up the stairs I noticed that all the rooms were at the end of a long hallway. I opened the first door on the left and saw that mom had claimed it as a office. Nothing special. I then opened the second door on the left and saw that Stormie and Autumn had already claimed that room. The room right across from them was the only room left other than the master bedroom. It was kinda small but I could make it work. I helped my dad carry in Stormie and Autumns furniture before I grabbed mine. I already had a vision of the way I want my room to look. We spent the whole day unpacking and setting up. We have become pros at this, so we were finished by the end of the day. I went to bed by 10:30 pm. The next day I was awkakend by a knock on the door. I layed in my bed for a while, waiting for the door to close. When it finally did the mumbling didn't stop. Soon enough I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I freaked out and put on a shirt and grabbed a wresting magazine and sat up on my bed. I heard two doors slam and then I saw my door knob start to turn. When it opened there was a girl standing in my doorway. She had curly blond hair and pretty hazel eyes. She was wearing a dress that hit right above her knee. She was Beautiful. I suddenly didn't want her to leave. Being stupid I didn't know what do so I just gave her an awkward half smile. She looked like she had just saw a ghost. Right before she could turn around to leave I ran up to the door to make sure she didn't leave. Like a stupid idiot I said "Hi I'm Derrick." "Who says that?!" I thought to myself. She wasn't saying anything and I slowly looked down to make sure I was wearing pants. Thank goodness I was. To break the silence I said "and you are?" She quickly said "ADDISON, ADDISON GRIMES" her voice was sort of high pitched and cute. Addison was a wonderful name. I said "nice to meet you miss Addison" and she started backing out and said "You too." I shut the door and sat on my bed. I then heard the front door close.  "Oh my gosh. I scared her. This isn't good. Not good, I hope she comes back." 

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