Paris Anna Smith is a normal Middle school age girl. When she meets two guys with her best friend jasmine, they get invited to a college party. Little did she know that they weren't their age, they were actually college guys. When she and Harry, one of the college boys, start dating she ends up getting pregnant by him and her parents do not approve of her dating a guy who is 5 years older than her. What will happen then? Read to find out!


2. Chapter 2

*two years before*
Paris's Pov:

"Parissa, get up now!" My mother yelled from downstairs. 

"Ugh, coming!" I yelled back rolling back over, so my face was dug inside the pillow.

"Parissa, I know your not up!" She yelled again. 

"Stop calling me Parissa, I'm coming." I said actually sitting up in my bed. 

"Pariss-Your up. Oh good, get off the bed and find something nice to wear." She said coming into my room. 

"Why, why wear something nice?" I said yawning. 

"Because we're  going to visit London at her college."

London is my sister, don't judge but my mother named us both after cities that we don't live in. 

Or at least I think there cities, I really need to pay attention in Mr.Payne's class. 

I signed and walked to my closet. I pulled out a black tank top that said 'you gotta let it roll, rock and roll' and a badge mini skirt. 

I curled my long dark hair in perfect curls, instead of my natural curls. 

I put on my black flats and applied very little make up. 

I walked downstairs to find my mother cooking. 

"Did you cook something that I can eat with my braces, or just think of dad and yourself." I snapped. 

"We'll miss grouchy has arose, and no Hun I cooked your grandmas old famous oatmeal." 

I perked up. No one made oatmeal like my grandmas, it is absolutely amazing.

"When did she give you the recipe, she doesn't let anyone have her recipe."

"I asked her if I could have it for your 13th birthday." She said smiling at me. 

I hated when people spoke of my age. I'm so young. I hate being the youngest in the family too. 

So go ahead and laugh like the others about my age. 

I rolled my eyes and sat down and ate my oatmeal. 

*at Westfield community college*

"Hey look there's your sister over there." Jasmine said pointing over at the dirty blonde hair girl. 

London spotted me and said something to her friend. 

"PARIS!!!!" She yelled running toward me. 

"London!" I said back as she gave me a hug. 

"What's wrong?" She asked. 

"Nothing, mom and dad are over there, tell them me and jasmine are going to grab a bite to eat." I said. 

"Suit yourself." She said shrugging and walked over to my parents. 

I walked the other direction with jasmine beside me.

"Alyssa? Samantha?Claire? Natalee? McKenna?" Said a blonde headed kid with an Irish accent. 

I smiled over a jasmine and turned around towards him. 

"Are you trying to get a girl by calling out random names?" I asked smirking. 

I heard jasmine giggle. 

"Something like that. What's your name babe?" He asked me. 

"I'm Paris." I said shaking his hand. 

"And you?" He said leaning toward jasmine. 

"I'm jasmine. What's your name?" She replied. 

"I'm Niall, but you can call me later." He said winking. 

We started dying of laughter. 

"Niall what are you saying to these lovely ladies?" Said a husky British accent behind Niall. 

I turned towards him and stared into his beautiful green orbs. 

"Nothing. They were just saying how'd they love to come to our party tonight." Niall said looking back at us. 

"Sorry, we can't, we have to 'study'." I said. 

"Oh come on, you can stop by for a while." The boy with the curls said. 

"Sorry we didn't catch your name." Jasmine said trying to change the subject. 

"I'm Harry, Harry styles." He said looking into my brown eyes. 

"It suits you." I said laughing.

He shook his head chuckling.  

"Could you guys stop by? I'd be nice to see you ladies again." Niall said handing us a paper. 

I looked down at it and it said frat party, with the address below. 

I smiled and gave it to jasmine. 

"We'll see." I said winking and turned around and started walking with jasmine again. 

I realised I wasn't very hungry anymore, this party is all I could think about.

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