Paris Anna Smith is a normal Middle school age girl. When she meets two guys with her best friend jasmine, they get invited to a college party. Little did she know that they weren't their age, they were actually college guys. When she and Harry, one of the college boys, start dating she ends up getting pregnant by him and her parents do not approve of her dating a guy who is 5 years older than her. What will happen then? Read to find out!


1. Chapter 1

Paris's Point of view-prologue      I opened up my calculus text book and begun my homework.    This was harder than I thought it would be. I really should have paid attention to Mrs. Gilbert.    I can get Jasmine to give me the answers when she picked me up in the morning.    "Honey, we are going to eat over at Nando's, stay here and study and we will be back shortly." My mother said coming into the room, interrupting my thoughts.    "Okay." I said as she hugged and kissed me.    "Make sure you check on Darcy every once and a while, heres your baby monitor." She said handing me the monitor.    "Thanks. Bye love you."   "Bye sweetie." She replied walking out of my room and closing the door.    I closed my book as soon as I heard the car crank outside.    I yawed and heard Darcy crying in the baby monitor.    I picked it up and put it to my ear. What's wrong with her? I thought.    I got off my bed and opened my door. I entered Darcy's room and saw her lying in her crib crying.    "Hey, sweet heart! What is it?" I said to her while tickling her tummy.    She started giggling and wiggling around.    "What does little Darcy Jade need?" I said picking her up and holding her in the air.    I felt her stomach growl and I set her back down.    "Hold on baby, mommy will be right back." I said walking out of the room.    I walked down the hallway and heard creaking from outside, it must be the trees.    I walked into the kitchen and filled up a cup of water.    I stuck it in the microwave and picked up my phone.    All of the sudden someone's arm wrapped around my mouth, covering it so I wouldn't scream.    "Mmmmmaaaamm" I tried to scream.    "Don't you say anything or try to run. Or I will shoot you right in front of out child." Said a deep husky voice, that I knew as my ex boyfriend and father of my child. Harry.
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