more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


14. The Recover

**2 weeks later**

Danny's POV

These past two weeks I have been going to Liam's Memory therapy and to his checkups with him. He has been trying so hard to remember but he can only grasp so much memory. He couldn't exactly remember me or us. He can only recall his family life and small stuff like his favorite color and other things. But I wanted him to remember me, us. I knew he could remember me briefly but thats not the same. Ava and I would tour him around town in hopes he wold remember. He said he recalled Ava also.  But I guess his therapist believes he just needs something to trigger the rest of his memory. I guess I will just have to wait till that miracle happens. 

From: Liam

HEY!!! hahah urmm do you want to come over for a bit babe?

Haha I adored him. I hate it but I couldn't help but blush when he called me babe. 

To: Liam

Of course! Haha cya soon Li!;)

From: Liam

Ha I remember my friends called me Li! huh! ;D haha I love it!

He recalled little details like so. I just wish he remembered the larger subjects instead of the smaller ones. But I could never tell Liam that, he would feel so useless. I am so proud of him though for how hard he tries everyday... I have always loved that trait of Liam's that he never gives up.. he never loses hope. I ran to my closet threw on some faded denim shorts that reached high on my thighs. I then searched for a t-shirt and instead found a lace white tank top. I threw on some withe vans and ran into my bathroom. I but on a little blush and lip-gloss and waved my long brown hair. Grabbed my bag and ran out the door. I admit it I try to look cute when I'm around Liam... oh Danny what have you got yourself into.


Liam's POV

I heard a light quiet knock on the door. I ran to it praying that it was Danny.. I have a horrible confession.. I think I was in love with Danny.. I mean I always want to be with her and make sure she is safe... But at the same time Ava is so perfect.. she makes me feel better almost as if I never lost my memory.. she make me feel important, loved. She is like my other half.  But I just am almost addicted to spending time with danny. I just want to know who I was who I loved. I open the door to discover Danny leaning against the door frame grinning. I am shocked at how attractive she looks and wearing very little makeup. I yell,


"DANNY!" and pull her into a tight embrace. I almost didn't want to let go. I felt her soft touch on my neck and I slowly let her go.


"How's it going li?"


"Much better now that you are here." I wink and laugh. I watch as her cheeks rush turning a light pink.


"Let's go sit out to the old tree-house." Danny giggled. I picked her up and gave her a piggy back ride out to my parents honda, since they couldn't manage find my old truck. It was about 8:40 and the sky was a beautiful orange pink from the amazing sunset. Danny hopped out of the truck as soon as we arrived and ran to the tree house. I followed her as she tugged my arm towards her. Her green eyes were so beautiful, and her long eyelashes just added to their beauty. Her hair was so long and flawless.. she was so fragile it made me weak. I remember her being very skinny before, but now she seems more filled now... I would never tell her that she gained weight thought! But I am glad she did; it looked healthier for her this way and I love it. I am amazed at how little she even trys to lead me on. I climb up the latter and scoot next to Danny on an large branch. The view was so beautiful. I turn towards her, I couldn't help but want to kiss her, to feel her soft fingers run up and down my neck. I Couldn't help myself as I leaned into her and grabbed her waist and pushing my lips into hers as she eagerly responds kissing me back. She raps her lags around my waist and began kissing trails up and down my neck I bite my bottom lip in pleasure as she bites at my ear. Suddenly everything froze. 



We both ran over to the tree climed up it and sat on one of the branches. I stared at the sunset then looked at Danny and said,


"I'm looking at the most beautiful thing in the world, and its not the sunset." She blushed as I held her face in my hands and stared into her beautiful eyes.


"Liam I-" I cut her off by leaning in to her and kissed her soft flawless lips. I felt as if the world had stopped. She put her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed down my neck playing along and responding. I loved the feeling of her body her lips. Everything was perfect, then she pulled away what did I do? She started crying softly. I began to respond saying 


"Whats wrong love?" "I WANT YOU! I want every part of you! But I can't lose you I love you to much, I want us to be this. But we can't and I hate myself for that. I love you." I intertwined her hands with mine and said


"You will never lose me. I want you too."


"But thats the problem".

**End of flash back**  

I grasp my head in pain the memory replayed over in my head. Suddenly I lean against the tree as every other memory I had ever experienced rush back to me making me groan and yell in pain.


 "Li what's wrong?" Danny panicky asked. 


"I remember. I remember us. I remember Jordan. I remember loving you." I looked into her watery eyes reflecting the sunset as a tear russhed down her cheek. I held her hands and intertwine our fingers as she whispers,


"Then you remember what a bitch I am." she says pulling away and rushed down the latter. I chase after her grabbing her rest and yell,


"NO! I REMEMBER WHAT AN ASS JORDAN WAS! And how much I hated him for hurting you. I remeber him shooting my shoulder and stabbing me. But I kept fighting, because I loved you. Danny I love you." 


Danny's POV

I look at him speechless as he wraps his muscular arms around my waist and whispers in the croak of my neck,


"I also remembering that you didn't feel the same." 


**The following day**


Liam's POV

I hop in the shower and begin to replay yesterdays experience back in my head before begining to wash my body. I turn off the water and grasp a fresh towel and wrap it around my waist. 

*Phone Vibrates*

From: Harry

Hey, remember that favor you owe me?

I shiver at the memory of Harry. I remember the year I lived with my uncle for a boxing camp, the year I met my oldest friend, and sometimes enemy, Harry Styles. 



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