more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


10. The Apology

Liam's POV

*Doorbell rings*

I run up to go answer the door, freezing when I see that it's Danny. She looks completely different; instead of shorts and a tank top, she's in sweats and a baggy sweatshirt. Her face looks hollowed out and I wince when I notice her slight limp when she moves forward. I run to her side, helping her inside to sit her on the couch. As much as I hate it, I missed her, I missed her soft skin, and glowing smile. She mumbles something to herself as I stare at her beautiful green eyes and her wavy brown hair reaching half way down her back. I wanted to greet her lovely lips again. Wait no I'm with Ava and I felt something unique with her, at least I knew she loved me back. With Danny it's a one way never ending street, I will always be in love with her, but I have to move on.


Even though I don't want to.


I see her brush her hair behind her ear, revealing several cuts on her once flawless skin. I ran to her side as she realizes I discovered her scars. I don't get a chance to ask her about them, because she interrupts me, saying,


"I'm so sorry... I'm sorry for what I said. Can you forgive me?" I just nod once with a fake smile, saying,


"Sure." she quickly changes the subject, asking,


"Would you.. and Ava... Like to stop by my house for a little party? Tonight? With all our friends?" I nod staring at the ground and pull her into a friendly hug, it was nice to feel her close to me, I felt that she was safe with me.


**Later that day**

I put on a pair of worn out jeans, a T-Shirt, and a some old converses. I Spray some axe cologne and jump in my truck. I walk up to Ava's porch and softly knock. I hear her soft footsteps on the tile floor as she aproaches. She opens with a unforgettable smile and I place an innocent kiss on her lips and hold her close to me while walking to the truck. When we arrive at Danny's, Ava started flirting and making a point across to Danny that I was hers. I didn't really want to make it seem like we were trying to make her jealous, but overall I couldn't help but play along with my pretty girlfriend. Then, I remembered Danny's wrists. I glance over at her; she was pulling Maya into the kitchen for some reason and I saw it as an oppurtunity to check the bathroom.


"Love I'll be right back, I'm just going to the bathroom." I kiss Ava's cheek and she starts up a chat with Reagan and Michael. I go to Danny's bathroom; I'm usually the only person she allows in her bathroom. I hastily check the cabinets, praying I don't find what I was looking for. I then move towards the garbage, searching quickly for a razor or glass. But, I am frozen where I am when I find something MUCH different. A test. Wait, calm Liam, it's just Maya's... Wait, it can't be! She would've told Ava if she was pregnant or not be drinking alcohol in the kitchen! I double check the answer, not believing it. I then wince at the thought of Jordan, touching her like he must've done for this to even happen. Knowing Danny, she wanted to save herself for someone she really loved. I boil with anger when I come to the conclusion; he forced her. I kick the door open and stomp into the other room, blinded by my anger.


"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???" I yell, making everyone stop and stare towards me. Maya and Danny turn pale as the see what's in my hand. Ava walks over, having the wrong idea and smacking Danny.




"I DIDN'T TOUCH HI-" Ava scoffs, storming off before hearing anything more. I wanted to chase after her, but I really needed an explanation for this from Danny. 


"Liam! Stop it! I-It's Mine not Danny's!" Maya defends her, stepping in front of Danny protectively, as if I'd hurt her for any reason.


"BULLSHIT!" I scream, making Michael, Reagan, Courtney, and Brad flinch. Michael walks over to me, saying,


"Dude, calm down! You're not her dad, OR her boyfriend! You're scaring her!"


"Well EXCUSE me for being the only one who gives a goddamn shit about her!" Maya stomps over, slapping ME hard across the face.


"You don't give a shit about her at all anymore!! I've been here for her for the past few months and where have YOU been?? Snogging and getting lucky with Ava!!!! You're just a freaking selfish jackass that's what you are!" I feel my jaw tense and my fist clench as I fume over her words. She is just too goddamn fearless; even when Reagan her and I would be the only ones to travel to different towns for parties during my sort of dark phase, she would never back down on a fight or be frightened of anyone. Not even... Never mind. I glare at the rest of the group, secretly begging for someone to either calm me down or back Maya away.


Reagan's POV

I have no idea what's going on with this once perfect group of friends, but this isn't right. Liam just is a very caring and protective person! And I get why Maya and Danny could SEE him as a jerk for yelling, but he just cares too much. It just is a cover up. I don't want to pick sides, frankly because I have no idea whether it's Maya vs. Liam or Danny vs. Liam, or hell maybe Ava vs. Everyone, but I'd have to choose Liam's if it really came down to picking sides. I feel like Liam's always been there for her, yet when he needs her she blocks him out. Courtney runs to the stare-down between Liam and Maya, pulling Maya away for her own safety. After all, who knows if ALL of us had been drinking.


Liam's POV

"You know what??? Fine! Make me the bad guy because I care!! But I'm freaking done! If Danny's doesn't care that I tried, then-"


 "LIAM stop!!! I really do care that you care so much, but you can't act like this! I can make my own decisions!" I move closer to her in my fury and yell back,


"Your OWN decisions?? Or Jordan's pressuring?! YOUR only decision was blocking everyone who loves you out!!!! You REALLY expect me to believe that you openly DECIDED to be with Jordan and let him take away all the innocence you had left!?!? If you can't see that whenever you're with him it's not only physically killing YOU but killing ME as well then that's your problem. Congratulations for getting knocked up by the biggest asshole in town Danny! Oh and Thanks for the invite, it was SUCH A BLAST!" I throw the test to the ground and storm out of there, leaving Danny dropping to the floor in frustrated tears. I slam the door to my truck so hard the glass window breaks and I furiously drive at a fast speed to Jordan's place.

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