more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


16. Suspicion

Danny's pov

I open my drawer, taking out my black shorts. I slide them up my legs, surprised to find that they no longer zip up at my waist. I sigh and slide them back off before going to the mirror. What I see isn't what I wanted. My stomach has inflated slightly and my waistline isn't what it was only a few months ago. I suddenly get a splitting headache just looking at my reflection and have to go to the medicine cabinet to find the ibuprofen. 

From: Harry 

Remember me love ;) How are you

I gasp, forgetting that Harry had taken my number. Then I think to myself, Why me? Why would he text some random girl he just met through his old friend? I quickly switch the phone off, wanting to be myself for a little bit. I couldn't text Harry, not with everything that's going on in my life right now. With the baby and Liam and the whole Jordan mess, he'd never want me. So why try? A noise from downstairs makes me jump and I quickly go down to discover what it could be. To my relief, it was just the newspaper. I let out a relaxing smile and pick it up, even waving a little at my neighbors who are out on their lawn. But before I could make my way inside again, the front page catches my eye and takes me by surprise. My breathe hitches, as I see the picture of a familiar looking male, with the caption underneath:

Jordan Greyson, age 19. Last seen July 11 2013

My heart pounds as I force my eyes to move down the page, starting to read the article about the man who caused me and my family so much pain. 

Jordan Greyson, son of Robert Greyson, the owner of Greyson industries, has been reported missing. He was last seen in a rundown old blue pickup truck at a 7-eleven gas station. It has been suspected that this vehicle is a stolen car, due to the fact he had left it behind at the very gas station. License plate number reads '918 5914'. The vehicle has been brought into police custody. If you have any information regarding who's vehicle this may belong to or the whereabouts of Greyson, please contact the nearest police station. Reward for discovering where Jordan is will stand at $1,900, provided for by Mr. Greyson. 

I drop the paper and cover my mouth with my hand. The pickup truck in the picture was all-too familiar. It was Liam's. 

To: Maya and Reagan

You have to come over now it's an emergency 

From: Maya 

Of course love I'll be over right away <3 what's the matter

From: Reagan

Sorry I can't babe... Sorry


Maya's POV 

I grab my jacket from the side of the bed, grabbing my car keys and driving off to Danny's house.


"Damn it. Out of Gas." I turn into the gas station about three blocks from Danny's, and I park into the area and start filling up the car. 

To: Danny

Love I'll be there in a minute, just needed to get some gas :)

As I walk into the gas station to get a drink, of course I just HAD to run into none other than Ava and Liam. With them was Michael and Reagan, filling their cups with slushies. Movie night, of course!


"Wow, thanks for the invite guys." I joke around after they see me.


"Oh babe you're welcome to come, I just assumed you were with Danny, and plus you never replied to my text." I roll my eyes as Ava smirks and Liam asks curiously, 


"What's the problem with Danny?" Ava's smirk disappeared and she looks at Liam as if he was trying to be on Danny's side, even though he really didn't know what happened.


"WELL. Ummm great to see you Maya! To bad that you didn't get the text! I am going to go buy these and the rest of you go wait in the car!" Reagan said braking the silence and half yelling. They all rushed out as I glared at Reagan.


"WHat?" She questioned. I rolled my eyes replying,


"I thought you couldn't hang out? "


"Maya I have to say I am on Ava's side.. sorry...." What? Their are sides? I thought Danny was  closer with her and... I... was with Ava. I start to notice how I kind of did betray her. But they have no idea what happened! NOT even Liam because his damn memory.


"You and I both know there shouldn't be any sides. Even if we decided not to be close anymore we can't just completely seperate from each other and start a war between our friends." She sighs and I wave her off angrily. Who does she think she is taking Ava's side? There are no sides dammit! At least there shouldn't be... I storm out fill up my car and storm down the road. I walk up Danny's steps and softly knock on the door.


"COME IN." She yells. I brush the door open reveling danny sitting on the counter with tears in her eyes.


"What's wrong love???" I question.


"Look.." She whimpers sliding a newspaper to me as I set my purse and keys on the counter well sitting down. I gasp covering my mouth in disbelief at the article about Jordan. What a bastard! I rub her back a she whispers.


"We have the answers what do we do? What if they find out what happened that night? What if they find out about me... Jordan... the truth."


"Danny that night.. Leave it to me.. I know someone." I strictly say to comfort to her, though that person would actually be me. If only she knew of the things I could've done to help her... Do get rid of Jordan instead of her dealing with the pain and now the pregnancy.


Ava's POV 

I have lately found to recognize that liam is acting weird. I feel like he is pushing away from me. I notice how he looks at Danny and how he gets excited when she's around because he used to be like that with me. I love him no different then before the accident but I know that's not the case for him.

**Knocks on door**

I slowly lift myself off of the couch and drag myself to the door tucking my hair behind my ear. I pull the door open to discover Liam, god he is so perfect. Before could even say anything he rushed in and closing the door behind me. He pushes me softly against the wall and throws his jacket onto the couch. He then put his hands on the wall by my head, and smashed his lips into mine. He pushed his body against my body lifting my shirt off and pushing me higher on the wall so my feet couldn't touch the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he laid me on the couch. I grabbed the end of his shirt throwing it off. He traced his lips down my bare stomach the my jeans. HE started unbuttoning my jeans. I grabbed his hands stopping him as I placed a last kiss on his neck.


"Liam I want to but my parents are going to be home in like 10 minutes." I saw his face fill with disappointment letting me now he wanted me. I nibbled on his ear before i whispered,


"They won't be here tonight... then we have the place to ourselves.."


"You don't know how much you are turning me on right now." he placed me standing up on the floor sliding my shirt back on and then placing a kiss on my neck.


"How about we go out and they will be gone by 11:45 and we can come back here?"


"Babe you know I want to but me and Danny have plans.." I suddenly felt my heart drop. I sniffed as my eyes watered and I remembered how I could never live up to her... I could never be loved like he loves her... I could never replace her...I could never be as important as her. I could never be her.


"Babe no I don't Ava look at me." I wiped the-makeup from under my eyes as i shook my head bouncing my curls as iI ripped my hand from his and said,


"It's fine. Forget it. I have some summer home work anyway to do. Go" I whispered.


"No Ava I want to be with you. Babe you are my gir-" I cut him off. I couldn't handle him right now.


"Save it. I know I could never be her.. I could never be your Danny." He slowly attempted to kiss me but I resisted and said,


"Please. Just go."


"Babe don't bring Danny into this. I would rather be with the love of my life. She just sounded like it was important that i go see her. But I would rather be with my beautiful girl." I blush at his raspy voice and his perfect words. He holds my face and wipes my tears with his thumbs as he kisses me. His tongue suddenly begs for an entrance as I accept. He holds my waist and picks me up bridal style and places me in his parents car. 


Maya's POV

"Do you mind if I take a shower really fast? It's getting late and I just need to wash off." Danny sighs, and I nod quickly.


"Yeah, go I'll be fine here." I assure her and she walks into her bathroom from the bedroom. I couldn't bare leaving her alone now that no one else would come, so I asked if she wanted me to sleep over. Obviously, she said yes. I hear a muffled buzzing from the other side of the bed and instantly pick it up.


"Hello?" I say, pursing my lips in boredom.


"Hey it's Liam." I widen my eyes and look at the door.


"Uh, hey what's up?" I respond in my best Danny impression.


"Sorry I can't come tonight. Something came up."


"Oh, okay then." It's silent for a little bit, then he asks,


"You haven't heard from Harry have you?" My whole body tenses up and I forget how to breathe. He couldn't be talking about the Harry... could he? 


"H-Harry Styles??" My voice above a whisper.


"Yeah, who else?" He sounds confused and my blood slowly begins to boil.


"Y-You're fucking kidding me right? That son of a bitch is nothing but trouble h-he is no good for Danny-" I get cut off by Liam saying,


"Wait, this isn't Danny... Is it?" I scowl and look down at my feet, noticing that I'm a mess right now; I'm quivering like a lost puppy who's been abused way too much, and I can barely stand.


"No, it's not. B-But if you know even a little bit about Har--Him, then you should never have allowed him near Danny." I scold him until I don't have anything left.


"Liam I'll tell her you didn't call. Just don't mention this to anyone, especially Harry." I hang up instantly, turning around in nervousness. I haven't heard from or about Harry Styles in over two years. I shiver at the thought of those last few days and wipe a frightened tear now escaping my right eye. But what shocked me was the sight of a pale faced Danny, wrapped tightly in a green towel and her mouth slightly agape in shock. She heard everything.


Liam's POV  

No doubt that it was Maya that answered for Danny. Why did she answers Danny's phone though? And how did she know Harry? Never mind, Liam shake it out of your head. I smile at the road because of the beautiful girl sitting next to me. I glance at her. she was so perfect. Her flawless face scrunched up as she switched the radio. Slow dancing in a burning room began to play. I quickly looked at her as she swayed her head back and forth and closed her eyes. Man she is so beautiful. I pull into her drive way and jump out of the car walking around to other side of the car opening her door right as she softly closed the door I held her waist and kissed her. I began to feel a smile emerged on her face as I ran my fingers through her hair. She laughed as she pulled away and intertwined are fingers and guided me to her room.


Ava's POV

I laughed pulling him down the hallway into my blue room. I grabbed his shirt pulling him towards me onto the bed until he was completely on-top of me. He trailed his fingers down my stomach and grasping my waist. He began kissing down my neck and began unbuttoning my jeans. He kissed me heavily as he slid my ripped jeans down my legs. I then ripped his white shirt off him kissing down his toned chest. I Suddenly felt his fingers moving up my stomach sliding my shirt off. I then yanked his pants off and wrapped my legs around his waist. he then flipped over leaving me on top of him, I gripped the back of his head as his kissed down and into the cleavage in-between my breast. He began tracing his fingers to my clasp undoing my bra and I slide his boxers off. I then scratch down his back as he removes my lace underwear leaving us naked. I then gasp in pleasure as the rest of the night is a blur. I wake up to liam's arms wrapped around my waist and his head in the croat of my neck and his leg in-between mine. I discover lipstick stain behind his ear and a hickey on his neck. I slowly remove myself from the bed taking the sheets with me wrapping them around my bare body. I walked into the bathroom quietly shutting the door. I dropped the sheet reveling bite marks and scratches. I smile at memories from last nights making me blush. I walk out in my sheet as liam chuckles and says in a deep raspy voice,


"Babe I have already seen you naked, I kissed every inch of your body! There Is no need for that sheet love." I blush as he gets up and wraps his arms around my kissing the croak in my neck. I bite my lip as i run into the bathroom and hop in the shower. as soon as he heard the shower going he jumped in with me washing my body.


Danny's POV

I wake up to the sound of the door downstairs unlocking. I look over at a sleeping Maya, thinking about last night. Why was she telling Liam that Harry's no good? How would she know? I had decided just to leave the topic alone considering she wouldn't budge at all about it, but I am hoping she'll give some sort of explanation. The noise downstairs interrupts my thoughts again and I quickly get up to check who it is.


"Danny you scared me!" Mom said, startled. I bite my lip and look away, nervous. She hasn't been home much and I haven't really told her anything. I bet she doesn't even know that Liam was in the hospital or if I even broke it off with Jordan the first time!


"Who's here?" She asks curiously, hearing footsteps upstairs.


"Maya." I answer quickly.


"Oh, good. I'm glad you have friends over so you aren't all alone." She starts to head towards the trash can to throw something from her purse away. I widen my eyes; the test is still in there from the big fight Li and I had in front of all our friends! I haven't been eating much and it's usually been at Maya's house if anywhere.


"No!" I blurt and she gives me a weird look.


"Are you okay honey? You seem a little off." She says and continues to open the trash. I shut my eyes and prepare for her reaction. Mom slowly lifts it out in complete shock and eventually I have to open my eyes, just to see if she's still even there.


"Who's is this?" She asks lowly. I gulp.


"Mine." I squeak out, tears welling up in my eyes again.


"Get out." Were the next words she said.


"W-What?" I stamper, stepping towards her.


"I said get out of my house! I trust you to stay home while I work all day and night to pay for your school and this house, and you repay me by getting knocked up!!? Go pack your shit and get out of my house!" She yells angrily and I run upstairs, now crying.


"What happened??" Maya asks worriedly, coming from the bathroom.


"My mom just kicked me out." I sob, letting her hug me.


"You are going to stay at my house okay? Here, lets go pack your stuff and we can get you out of here babe."

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