more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


3. Saved

I couldn't move my body. It ached to much to move. I pulled out my phone called Liam.


"Hello?" he said in his cute, yet deep voice.


"I'm in an alley way by that small mexicain dinner downtown, I can't move. Will you come pick me up please? Liam I can't feel my body, I'm scared!" I said whimpering.


"What the hell are you doing there babe? Oh my gosh I'll be there in a sec, what happened Danny?" I did reply just breathed heavly.


"DANNY MY HELL WHAT HAPPENED!?" he screamed on the phone. He started swearing and trying to get the information out of me but I hung up; he kept calling. I heard a door slam a couple minutes later; It was Liam. He ran out into the alley way, and knelt down to me. He tried to talk to me but I had my face in my knees, crying until there was nothing left.


Liam's POV

I didn't know what to think, her cries had such fear in them. I wrapped her up in my arms, and sat her in the car. I was so mad and didn't want to yell at her. She sat there with her long beautiful hair draped over her face; it made me want to stare into her green eyes forever, but I couldn't she wouldn't even look at me. She was so beautiful and I hated to see her like that. I was going to kill whoever did this to her, even though I knew exactly who it was deep down.


"I-I'm s-sorry." I slammed on the breaks, pulling over onto the side of the road.


"No don't you ever say that, I hate what ever or whoever did this to you, please look at me love." She said nothing. I wrapped my arms around her and told her,


"I would never ever hurt you. You're perfect darling and you don't deserve to be treated this way. Look at me."


"I can't let you look at me... you would hate me."


"I would never hate you Danny! That's impossible, I love you!"




It slipped out, But she looked at me and smiled. Her lip was all cut up and her eye was black her arms were cut up, but yet she was still so perfect. I held her in one arm and drove off to my place.


Danny's POV

He's so perfect I love him so much I couldn't imagine life without him. I want him so much. he drove into his driveway. Picked me up and walked to his bedroom, no one was home luckily. He kissed my cheek and said,


"Danny what happened?" I told him everything about how I felt worthless alone, and he looked at me with his dark brown eyes; I felt locked up inside of them. They began to water up; I hated seeing him like that.


"He will never touch you let alone look at you." He said with anger in the back of his throat.


"Liam let it go."


"LET IT GO NO ONE TOUCHES YOU! YOU ARE EVERYTHING TO ME AND IF I SEE HIM AGAIN... HE WILL WISH HE WAS NEVER BORN!" He looked at me and pulled my into a warm perfect hug. Then he layed me on his bed and cuddled with me all night. I love him and I want him.


But I can't.


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