more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


13. Remembering

Danny's POV

I told myself that I didn't even want to know the news. I just wanted to feel Liam's warm strong arms wrapped around my weak body, to hear his soothing deep voice, to stare into his beautiful brown eyes, and-- My thoughts were cut off by the doctor entering the waiting room.


"Liam is doing well but he has been diagnosed with amnesia. Which is a case of memory loss. We believe he may be able to regain it easily, but it will not be certain. I am so sorry." He then nodded and held out an arm towards the hallway, letting us know that we could go into Liam's room. I sniff after a tear streamed down my cheek. I look over to Ava, who is biting her lip to stop tears from rushing down hers. I suddenly feel nervous to see him... not knowing what to expect. Especially since he won't remember me. Wait he won't remember how we used to play Tarzan  at the old tree house when we were little. Or when he made me bouquets of dandelions and grass and tied them with his sisters hair ribbons. Or when he took me for a drive right before the drivers Ed test and hit the neighbors cat! He won't remember the laughs, pranks, sleep-overs, double dates, but most of all he won't remember us. I stopped in the middle of the hospital and let that sink in. My knees suddenly smashed onto the cold white hospital floor, I covered my pale face with my hands and began sobbing. Brad and Maya ran to my side, grasping my arms and standing me up. Maya pulled me into a comforting hug; she stroked my hair and whispered,


"Everything thing will be perfectly fine, shhh I am here for you love now be brave for Liam." She pulled back and rubbed her red eyes, giving me a weak smile and walked the rest of the way down the hall with me.


Liam's POV

"Where am I?" I whisper to myself I put my hand to my head groaning in pain and begun having a flash in my mind of someone throwing me against a alleyway wall. I Then realize being in a hospital bed, I turn to the side and unexpectedly my shoulder begins stinging in pain I gasp at the bandages all over my body covering injures. When I moved my stomach it felt as if I had been stabbed.. Had I?? I shake the painful thought out of my head and realize I couldn't recall what had happened to me or how I got here. I start to ponder in my confusion. Randomly all these random doctors start telling me to stay clam and not to panic. DO they not understand they are the ones yelling?!


"Liam, What is the last thing you remember?" a tall male figure startled me while grasping a metal clipboard.


"Nothing really, but is Liam my name?" I question hopping for a answer.


"Yes, Liam James Payne is your full name sir. You recently were in an accident and lost your memory. We suspect you hit your head. But I believe you will regain your memory quickly" He states as I remember the flash back I had. He continues,


"You are 18, almost 19 in August, and are the child of Karen Payne."


"What about my father?"


"He has been removed from your records, I am sorry that information is beyond my own knowledge." I nod and ask a few more brief questions before the Doctor asked,


"You have very many friends Liam, They all have been waiting for you. May they come in?"


"Of course." I say sitting up straight. Through the window I discovered about four very attractive girls teary eyed waiting to come in. I then notice three guys about my same age also waiting. 


Danny's POV

I waited for the guys, Reagan, and Maya to go in and say hello and say what they wanted to say. I wanted to talk to him alone and not be rushed. I notice my leg nervously bumping up and down while I bit my nails. Taylor then stood up and pulled my into a friendly hug and waved goodbye, and told me to text her. Ava suddenly stuttering says,


"Can I go first?" I nod hating the fact that she gets to tell him about how they were in love and how much she loved him and that she cared about him. I hate the fact of how jealous I am. I want him to know how close we are and how much we wanted each-other how much we did for eachother and how close we were. Also how much I loved him. But I didn't want to confuse him about him and Ava's relationship. About 45 minutes later of watching them laugh and talk, I saw her place a soft innocent quick kiss on his perfect lips; he suddenly flushed red and smiled. I couldn't wait any longer as soon as Ava waved goodbye I checked the time 8:45. The doctor nodded at me signaling me to go in. I start to shake as I open the door and proceed to walk in. I start to water up seeing his bruised body.


"Hello love!" he says cheerfully and deeply making my wonder how he is so happy? I look at his flawless face making me weak in the knees. He then awkwardly stared at his hands waiting for a reply. I begin to say,


"Oh sorry. Hi liam. How are you feeling?" I say while pulling myself a chair to sit on. I smile at him as he replies, 


"Umm sore. But first are you this famous Danny I have been told about love?" He laughs as I blush at his words. I bow jokingly.


"Yes in deed I am. Do you remember me?"


"Yes much more then the others."


"haha! GOOD! I mean you are only my best friend!!" I say while softly punching his Undamaged shoulder.


"Haha so how did I manage to be so lucky to have such a beautiful best friend like you?" I start to get butterflies in my stomach his words


"Trust me I'M the lucky one!!!" I laugh. We talked for what felt like for ever. I was so exited when he would start to remember things about us. We talked about EVERYTHING! I started to remeber how much I missed when we talked like that, We finished at about 11:50! We only stopped because the nurse got mad and made me leave so he could get rest.. which was understandable. But my favorite part was his warm safe amazing hug at the end. But he hated when I left and he kept saying just 5 more minutes so I didn't have to leave. I felt so important.  So loved. He made me promise to go back tomorrow. Man I love that boy, man I need that boy, I want that perfectly amazingly beautiful boy. I started to think about how this was a new begining for us a new chapter in our lives and this time I want to be more than friends.

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