more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


5. Giving in to the devil

**A week later**

Danny's POV

I still feel the warmth of his lips on mine. I see pictures of us all around my room and it just makes me sick inside to think that things could be different between us. I feel horrible for rejecting him because I know we both feel the same way. I love him so much it hurts, and I just don't want to be hurt or hurt in return. My friends have all been busy with their cheer practice, aka Ava and Maya, or out of town, like Reagan, Michael and Brad. Maya is 19, but she was caption last year and they invited her back during this year; at least I see her more than usual. Ava is 18, and we were never really really close, but she's Maya's best friend so she is great by me. Reagan is my closest girl friend, she's 18 too, though I haven't told her anything about any of what happened between Jordan and Liam.

*Phone vibrates*

From: Jordan 

Baby I want you back so bad I'm sorry I messed up I won't hurt you ever again. I'm just so in love with you it hurts when I see you with other guys. I'll be over in 20 mins to pick you up for a date

I can't believe him! He has the guts to just turn the other cheek and pretend everything is just okay! 


Jordan's POV 

*Phone vibrates*

From: Danny 

Dont think that just because you give a lame apology that I'll be yours. You hurt me, both physically and mentally. I'm blocking your number Jordan, I don't ever wanna see you again. BTW you're lucky I didn't report your abuse to the police

What a BITCH! The nerve she has to say that to a man that loves her! And lucky she didn't report me for what? Having the right to be jealous and make one tiny mistake?? Plus she must be a complete idiot for thinking she didn't have it coming for her! She better not think that I won't make her come back to me. What we have is love and she can't abandon me for some jock hothead that wants to take advantage of her! And the more she resists... just shows me the more she wants me...


Danny's POV 

*Doorbell Rings* 

Do you think he would really still come after my rejection?? I slowly and quietly make my way to the door. I could hear his crazed and labored breathing through the thick door. I peer out the peephole, shocked by his presence.


"Jordan... Go home." I glance down at the opening door and quickly jam it shut before he could enter. I lock the door hastily and become terrified.


"Open up baby I just wanna talk."


"Talk then. But there's no way in hell am I opening up this door for you." I hear footsteps fade away and see no one through the hole. He must've taken a hint and left. Suddenly I hear the side door code being punched in. Forgetting I gave him the code, I frightenedly whip out my phone in a panic and begin typing my desperate text to Liam. But before I could finish, I feel Jordan's muscular hand grip my wrist, pulling me towards him. He glances at my phone, seeing who the message was for. I whimper as he rips the phone from my hand and smashes onto the floor, then shoving me into the door. My back aches and I groan in pain, but he just slyly smiles a crazed smile which frightens the crap of me.


"See? It wasn't so hard for me to get to you. The more you resist baby the more I can see that you want me." I feel his hand grip my arm and he violently throws me into the wall, leaving painful bruises. Jordan's body is pushed onto me and I whimper. He tries to unbutton my jeans, but I put my hands on his chest and shove him away with as much strength as I have.


"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??" I am quickly shoved out the door and into his car. I try not to give in to his wicked plans, but then I feel him press up against me and whisper threateningly,


"If make a sound or resist me, I'll guarantee that your little pretty boy best friend won't see another day." I'm sick to my stomach by his words; my heart is broken as if he stabbed me with a knife.


Not Liam.


I can't drag the only person I truly love into this. I could never forgive myself if anything happened to Liam due to my stupidity.


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