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Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


21. A bit of trouble in paradise

*Next Day*

**Liam's POV**


No messages from Harry. It's like he vanished, like he was never here in the first place. He better not have went to Danny and Maya-- oh wait, like hell Maya would let him near her, he probably took a trip to the finest hotel this town's got and checked in the best room; he's sure as hell got the money for it.  I never should have even brought Reagan and Maya to that damn party so many years ago. I just had a feeling Harry would involve them when I told him to leave them out of it. Harry was't the type to follow requests as you can so clearly see, but I'm certain he wouldn't backtrack Maya's demand of leaving her the hell alone. 


"Babe, what are you doing? You're about to break your phone in half." Ava's voice surprises me; I forgot she was even here. 


"Nothing. Harry and I are in a fight. Now I don't even know where the bastard is. I just wanna make sure that he's not bothering Dan.... Maya. Make sure that he is not bothering Maya. You know what he did to her, I just wanna look out for her; no one else really does." Ava huffs, folding her arms and looking away. I groan and shake my head, asking a bit angrily, 


"Alright, what the hell did I do wrong this time??" 


"It's not what you do it's what you say Liam." She snaps, glaring as if she despised me. 


"Oh really?? What did I say then??" She sits up, turning to me and mocking my voice, 


"I just wanna make sure that one of my best murderer friends doesn't go near the pretty little whore, but since I'm with my girlfriend I'm gonna cover it up and say that I don't want that jackass of a friend to go near his ex-assasin girlfriend and Ava's best friend!" I roll my eyes, looking away from her and at the television. 


"That's not what I said and you know it Ava. For the record, Harry's not a murderer. And Danny isn't a whore." She scoffs and throws her hands up in the air as a sign of anger. 


"And now you're defending the little brat! Don't you DARE try to tell me she isn't a whore! For god's sake the bitch is pregnant, is stringing along Harry like he's fucking hers, and messing with MY relationship with you!!" I stand up from the couch and angrily pace back and forth, glaring back at her. 




"My JEALOUSY???? Oh so you're telling me that there is absolutely nothing between you and Danny?! Enlighten me Liam, how in any possible way is that true?? If you didn't care about her, you would not have gone to Jordan's house. And if you didn't go there, you wouldn't have been shot and almost killed. So if you say one more fucking word about you having nothing with that slutty bitch that I never liked anyway, You can go fuck yourself." She gets up and storms passed me, grabbing her bag and stomping to the door. 


"Ava... Ava come on! Let's not fight! Let's talk about this!!" I yell after her while slipping on my shoes and running after her. 


"What is there to talk about Liam!? How you've been lying? How you lied and told me it was only me in your heart?? Because obviously, your heart has a lot of room for Danny." She spits, and I catch her arm before she could turn back around and leave to her car. 


"Ava god can you just listen?? Danny... She's my best friend! Of course I have her in my heart! Just, just not the way you are in it. Okay?? I felt the need to protect her from Jordan, I wouldn't have gone if I knew what would've happened." Oh, but I could not be more of a liar in all my life. Danny did have a place in my heart, the same way Ava is in. I love Danny, too. And I am pretty sure that I would've gone to Jordan's even if he was completely armed and I had nothing. But, why the hell would I tell that to my girlfriend?? Why would I just hurt her more? 



**Reagan's POV**


"This is nice." I grin, entertaining my fingers with Michael's. The sun shines through the large window of my living room, radiating heat on our resting bodies. The TV is on some sport channel that Michael is giving most of his attention to, even though the volume is low and we are focused on the beating of each others' hearts. 


"Yeah, it's actually kind of weird." He comments lowly. 


"How so??" I sit up a little, propping myself on my elbow and looking into his hazel eyes. 


"Because, all our friends are in rather dramatic situations at all times of day, we are usually pulled into all of them, and now... I dunno it's just peaceful. I like it." I roll my eyes, laying on his chest. If it were only that simple. 


"You know I was involved with some of that drama right?" I sigh, reminding him of my past. I don't have major trauma from it like Maya does, but it's something I have felt uncomfortable telling Michael about since Harry arrived. 


"Do you really wanna talk about it?" my boyfriend asks, pausing the TV and running his hand through my hair. I half smile and nod, cleaning my throat and closing my eyes to remember. 


"Well, Liam brought M and I to that party about two years ago. We met Harry there, and when Li was gone we signed up for the tough mission. There were others, but we were like the distraction." I briefly explain, almost smiling at the memory. Those were some of the best moments in my life; only because no school, having an importance in something. That kind of stuff. Plus it was awesome getting such a good training in martial arts and getting really fit. 


"It was so fun, learning how to be that crazy assassin type person. It was like a game almost, for six months. I knew once we got there M and Harry had a thing, but it never got to me. Actually, to be honest I was happy. You know she's had a rough time-- Never mind that's another story. I didn't really wanna leave when we did, but I left because what else would I do if Maya left? hang around with Harry and have her make up some excuse for me not coming too?? No way in hell. But... I'm happier than ever now, with you." I grin, kissing his lips and holding the back of his blonde hair. 


"I'm glad too." He murmurs, smiling within the kiss, causing me to giggle and pull away. 


"You know... One of these days, you should give me a few lessons in the 'assassin thingy' era. It could be fun to be the only actual couple with the capability to kill people since Harry and Maya are both like forever single!" he jokes around and I laugh, rolling my eyes. 


"Sure, if you're really up for it." I tease, and he kisses me lightly. 


"Oh definitely." He replies between our lips, pulling me closer to his chest. He pulls only to peck my lips one more time. 


"I love you." I say to him, playing with his ring on his right finger. 


"Love you too babe." He pushes back some of his blonde hair before un-pausing the sports channel. 


"Cause baby you and I, we were born to die.." I him to the famous song, shutting my eyes and enjoying the feeling of his arms wrapped around mine. Suddenly, My phone beeps in alert on the counter in the kitchen just a few feet away, causing me to groan and haul myself up. My feet shuffle over tiredly and I lazily grab it off the charger, opening the text message from an unknown number. 


"Looking pretty cozy there Reg. Unlike your little pal Maya, and that dick Harry. But I wouldn't stay too comfy for long babe... I'm watching you, and all your little friends. Good thing you've got Harry yourself and Maya to make sure you're protected...right? See you soon blondie." I drop my phone on the granite and push the phone away. That couldn't be from Jake, could it?? Don't be silly, he barely knew M and my name! But, what if he's been watching all these years? Does Harry know? If he does, maya and I will both end up giving him hell.



*Insert sarcastic tone* Alright, that only took us a few months to write! We are both so sorry for taking forever to update, we have literally been swamped with other things and we had no idea what to write! But we promise to get back on track :) How did you like the update? What are your predictions? Did you like seeing a bit into Michael and Reagan's relationship (lol we've never done that before)? Like, Comment, Favorite, become fans of both of us (Directionloverforinfinity & JustADirectiner2010 incase you didn't already know lol) and I guess we'll see you in the next chapter!


- Mrs. Styles ;) and Mrs. Payne :)

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