Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


32. Chapter 32

Hannah's POV: I got dressed then I put the towel to the cuts. Soon the bleeding slowed. "Hannah open the door! now!" Niall said though the door. "Daddy why are you yelling at mommy?" Sydney said. "Go to your room baby. I need to talk to mommy." Niall said softly. I guess she did as she was told because he started talking again. I pulled my long sleeve down over the cuts."Hannah please." He said softer then he had before. Then he hit the door. I jumped. Then he said, "Damn it Hannah! Let me help you!" I walked slowly to the door. I unlocked it. I slowly opened it. I didn't know if Niall was mad at me. I just looked at him for a second. Then I looked away. I turned and walked to the bed. Niall walked behind me. Then he got dressed. "You know what hurts the most about this?" "What?" "I see you hurting so bad. you harm yourself. Your crying never stopped since we left the hospital. And your hiding What you have done from me. You wont let me help you." He turned and I could see the tears in his eyes. "I love you Hannah. I want to help you! Why wont you let me?" He asked. "I don't know." I was crying now. Niall hugged me. We both cried. "I did everything right this time! Why didn't I get to take my baby home!" I yelled. "Shhh. I know. It sucks." "Two years. It took two years to get him. And I only had him for a couple minuets." I said.

Nialls POV: When we slowed our cried. Hannah pulled away from our hug. She left the room. I followed. "Sydney what was it you wanted to show me?" I heard her say. I stood in the door way of Sydney's room. "This. Its a house. Made of Legos. See here is Me, you, Daddy, and my little brother." "That's nice Sydney. but you know your brother wont be living with us." "I know. I was going to make another house. For him. He lives with God. He only visits. Mommy I love you." Sydney said crawling into Hannahs lap. "I love you too." Hannah said. "I am hungry." "Me too ill go start supper." I said. Then I went to the kitchen. We ate then Sydney went to bed. A little after she did so did Hannah and I.

*One Year Later*

Nialls POV: Hannah and I weren't trying to have another baby. I don't think she wants one after what happened. Sydney started school. Hannah didn't like that very much though. Hannah was home alone most the time. I am on tour at the moment. Hannah and Sydney call a lot. After Lucas had passed she hasn't been very happy. Her depression gets better then worse. Some days I see new scares on her arm. I try to help but she denies that she had done it. I don't see the Hannah I use to see. I see the dark and Depressed side of her. I wished I didn't have to see it again I was coming home in a week. I couldn't wait to see her.

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