Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


30. Chapter 30

*8 months later*

Hannah's POV: Niall and I where at the second to last ultrasound before the baby's due-date. They checked me up. The nurse looked shocked. I heard nothing. I looked at Niall. "hold on I will be back." the nurse said. She left the room. Soon she came back with the doctor. He did the same as the nurse. "Im sorry Mrs. and Mr. Horan. There isn't a heart beat."

Niall's POV: When he said that I had tears in my eyes. Hannah couldn't stop crying. I tried to comfort her. She wouldn't let me touch her, or talk to her. She said she wanted to be alone. I left her alone. I waited in the waiting room for her. She came out and her face was stained with tears. I stood up and hugged her. She cried more then what she had before. I cried too. We went to our car. I helped Hannah onto the front seat. Then I drove home. Sydney was with Hannah's Parents. She was going to stay the night. Hannah went strait to our room. I went to the door. But I stopped before I walked in. "God why! Why did you do this to me? Please let it be a mistake. please let me have this baby. Let him be healthy and alive. Please God please! In your name I pray. Amen" I heard Hannah say. A few seconds later I walked in. He was on the floor crying. "I cant get up." She said. I helped her up. "If this baby is actually alive it will be a blessing. I pray to God that he comes healthy." She started to cry. I pulled her into a hug. She pulled away. "There has to be a mistake Niall-" She said then she stopped. Her water broke. We where both shocked. The doctor said that if the water breaks then the baby may be alive. That it may just have been a mistake in the ultrasound. But it means there also may be complications with his heart. Hannah was still crying. We hurried to the car. I drove as quick as I could to the hospital. Wen we got in there Hannah was far from 10 centimeters. They did another ultrasound. It was a faint beat but it was still there. "We are going to have to give you a C-section." The doctor said. They got Niall and I ready. They wheeled me into the room. a while after I head a small cry. Hannah started to cry. They wouldn't let us see the baby. Hannah looked at me. "Thank God." Hannah said. I smiled at her. "How could they mess up this morning?" Hannah asked. "I don't know Hannah maybe it was a technical thing. All that matters is that we have a chance to keep this baby." They sewed her back up then they took her into her room. I followed. Soon they brought in our baby. He was in the same thing Sydney was when she was born. Hannah didn't cry this time though. "Bring him over here please. I wanna see him." She said. I did as she asked. She looked at him. She let a few tears fall but she never looked away. "How about we name him Lucas Dean Horan." "Sounds good." Hannah soon fell asleep. I watched Lucas. He breathed in a deep breath. Then let it out. Then he just stopped breathing. I went into shock for a second. Then I ran out of my room. "Nurse! Help my baby he stopped breathing! Help!" I yelled We ran back into the room. Hannah had woken up. I went to her. They took Lucas out of the room quickly. "What the hell is going on Niall?" Hannah asked. "Lucas stopped breathing." "What? No Niall please say your joking!" She yelled. I held her close. She cried into my chest. The nurse walked in. "Im sorry. Your baby didn't make it. We did everything we could." She said. "Hannah started to scream and cry out 'Why God!' We sat there and cried for a while. Hannah beat into my chest letting out all her pain she was feeling.

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