Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


23. Chapter 23

*2 Years Later*

Hannahs POV: WE had everyone over. It was Sydneys Birthday. Niall had been on tour a lot. I was surprised he cancled his last show just to be here today. Sydney is walking. She is also talking a little bit too. When Niall showed up she ran to him and said "Daddy I missed you!" "I missed you too baby. How are you guys?" He said kissing me. "We are fine now that your here" I said. We went into the apartment. I had most of our stuff packed up because we where moving to a house. It was only a few blocks away. Niall and I have been trying to have a baby again since Sydney turned a year old. We had cake and ice cream. Sydney loved her presents. I loved seeing her smile. Niall,the boys, and Dad talked,as Mom and I watched Sydney play with her new toys."You know Niall really is a good guy." Mom said. "I knew that from the start." I said playing with Sydney. "You dad was upset about you being pregnant for a long while. He saw her the first time and realized he couldnt be mad forever." "Mom thats the past. You cant change it." I said. "Well he thinks Niall is a good guy too. We just never thought for a second you two would end up together." She said. "We didnt either. It just happened. Now we are married and have Sydney. It has been a long and happy road." I looked at Niall who was talking to my father. He was smiling and laughing. it made me smile because Sydney has Nialls Smile. "When are you guys moving out?" She asked. "Next week is the dead line." I said. She noded. Harry walked up to me. I stood up. "it was a great party Hannah. She is such a sweet little girl." I smiled. "She learned from her daddy and her uncles." Harry smiled. He hugged me. "I have to go. I have a date with Chelo." I smiled. I set them up a few months after Sydney turned a year old. "You guys doing alright?" I asked. "Perfect. I love her so much." "She loves you too. She never stops talking about you" I laughed. "I have to go." He crouched down and picked Sydney up. "I have to go now." "Bye." She said. She gave him a hug. "I love you uncle Harry." She said. She hugged her tighter. "I love you too." He said. Then he put her down. "Bye everyone." They all said good bye. In a few hours everyone but my parents where gone. They where going to stay the night. It was only 5 pm. We sat and talked for a while. We cooked super at 6:30. Then we layed Sydney down. She had a long day and was tired. She fell asleep in a few minuets. Around 10 pm Mom and Dad where getting tired. We went to our room and changed to our PJs. I slipped into bed. Niall sat on the edge of the bed. He was looking at Sydneys baby pictures. I moved closer to him. "She is so beautiful." "She was so small." "I know. But You know, She is here. I am happy for that." "I love her so much. I cant believe it has been  two years." "I cant either." We sat there for a little while looking at her pictures. When we where done Niall got up and put her baby book up. Then he tured out the lights. I moved over so he could have some room. He covered himself up then her rapped his arm around me. "I love you Hannah. I missed you." "I love you too." i said.

Next day*

Nialls POV: I woke up and Hannah wasnt in bed. I looked to the clock and it was 10 AM. I got up and got dressed. I walked into the kitchen. I got some milk and some leftover cake. There was a note on the fridge. 'Be back. Went to the house. We have Sydney.' It said. It was in Hannahs handwriting. I sat and eat. I saw that all the boxes where gone. Now all we had to pack was the kitchen stuff and move the big stuff. We moved Everything but our beds the couch and the coffee table. We desided we would stay at Hannahs parents untill we had everything unpacked. It wasnt the best plan because I dont think her dad likes me that much since I got Hannah pregnant before we where married. I knew we couldnt go to my moms because she was out of town for her job. Hannah walked into the house Sydney was at her hip. Her parents followed her in. Hannah handed Sydney to me. "I have to go to the bathroom." i took her. Hannah went to the back. "Hey." I said to her parents. "Hey I think we are going to move the beds in today. Then you will be moved in and all you will have to do is unpack." Her dad said. I noded. Sydney was falling asleep. I went to her room and layed her in her crib. We where going to get her an actual bed soon. We didnt have time latley.  I walked into the living room, Hannah was in there with her parents. "Ok mom and I can watch sydney and pack the kitchen stuff. Daddy and Niall can get the bed room set and the other big stuff." She said. Her dad looked to me. We went to the back room. I packed our clothes before we took the bed apart. We moved it out to the car. Then we drove to the new house. It had 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It was a big house, Hannah liked it the most out of everyone we looked at. We set up the bed then went back home. Hannah had every box packed and in the living room. We moved the love seat into the truck. Then drove that to the house. When everything was done it was 5:30. We drove to Hannahs parents house. We all where tired. We ate dinner then layed Sydney down to sleep. She slept in the same bed Hannah and I did that night. Hannahs parents went to bed. Hannah and I stayed up to watch TV. "So tomorrow we can go to the apartment and make sure we didnt miss anything. Then we can go to the new place. We have the beds up so we can stay there. Its not a big deal." She said. "Alright." I said back. Hannah got up. "I am going to bed. Night I love you." "I will be there in a few. Love you." I said back. She went to bed. I fell asleep on the couch.

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