Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


2. Chapter 2

NiallsPOV: "Guys I am inlove with this girl" I said sitting i at the breakfast table at school. "Who is she?" Zayn asked. "I wont say. Its for me to know and you to never find out." I said. "Then whats the point of telling us your inlove?" He asked. "I dont know. Maybe I thought you should know." I laughed. Hannah walked up with her boyfriend,Dylan. I never really liked the guy. "Hey guys." SHe said. "Hi Hannah. Hi Dylan." "Hey." He said back to me. Hannah and Dylan sat down. We all started talking. soon Dylans friends showed up. "I am gonna go babe. Bye." He said to her. then he walked off. "Bye Dylan." All us boys said. Then we laughed at Hannah for choosing a guy like that. "He is weird. He doesnt talk to us. whats his deal?" We laughed. "He is just shy guys." she said. "Right." Then the bell rang. We all got up and went to class together. Hannah and I sat in Math together. The teacher started talking about polygons and stuff. Hannah looked at me. "This is boring!" she wispered. I laughed a little. "Mr. Horan and Miss. Draper would you two like to tell the class what your talking about?" The teacher asked. I hoped Hannah would just say no. She didnt like school or the teachers very much. "No Ma'am." I said before she could say anything. The teacher went back to teaching. Hannah and I kinda laughed a little.

Hannahs POV: After school I walked out of the building. I stood waiting for Dylan. "Hey!" I heard behind me. it was Louis. "Hey Louis!" I said. "Guess What!" "What?" "Niall is inlove!'' "I know I over heard while I was walking up to the lunch table." I laughed. "Oh well I have to go. Ill call you tonight alright" "ok Bye louis." I said. he walked off. I saw Dylan with another girl. she was very Pretty. I stood and wattched for a while. Then they parted. Dyloan walked to me. "Hey babe." "Hey." We walked home together. when I got into my house I walked into the kitchen. Mom was in there cooking as usual. "Hey mom. Whats up?" "Just cooking. How was your day?'' "It was alright." She gave me cookies and a glass of milk. After I was dont I walked into my room and got onto facebook. My phone rang, It was Niall. "Hey." I answered. "Hey whats up?" "Nothing just on facebook. I over heard you talking today. Your inlove huhh?'' "Uhh You heard that. Yea I guess I did say that didnt I." "Yea you did. So who is the lucky girl?" "I didnt tell the boys and I wont tell you Hannah" He laughed. "Oh Come on! We are so close and you cant tell me who the girl is? How is that fair?" "Cause it is. I have to go Hannah moms calling. "tell her i say hi." "I will. Bye Hannah." "Bye Niall."
Nialls POV: After I hung up I called my friend Bella. "Hey." "Hey whats up?' "Nothing. You?" "same. Bella. I really like you and I just want to ask you something." "Whats that Niall?" "will you go out with me?" "Omg yess Niall I have been waiting for you to ask me!" I smiled. "well do you wanna meet up tomorrow. Meet my friends and stuff? " "Sounds great I will find you when I get there." "alright." I said. "Bye" "Bye" my mom walked into my room. "Hey darlin. How was school?'' "It was ok." She asked. "Alright. Dinners done at 7." I didnt say anything more. She left my room. I thought for a minuet. Then I got my gutair. I started strumming the G cord. Then it turned into a song. "You where mine for the summer, Now we know its nearly over.feels like snow in september.And I always will remember" i sang.remembering the days we where together over the last summer. The song came from the heart. "Niall come here!" Yelled my mom. I ran out of my room after I finished my song. "What!" I yelled. she was pointing at the TV. "You can Audition this year if you want." "The X-Factor?" "Yes Niall Anne called Harry is going too. So is Zayn. And Louis. and Liam is going again." "WHne is the auditions?" "Tomorrow." Alright I will do it." I said smiling. I wanted to audition for the longest time. We ate supper and went to bed. I was exited for the auditions. Why had mom not saidn anything about it before? I fell asleep thinking about it.

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