Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


19. Chapter 19

Nialls POV: I woke up. Hannah was still asleep. I got up and went to the kitchen. I started to cook eggs. Bacon, Hashbrowns, And toast. I could tell Hannah wasnt eating because,most the stuff I bought her two months ago to eat while I was gone, Was still there. Hannah walked into the kitchen and looked in the fridge. She got a glass of Sweet tea. "You should drink milk babe" I said. "I hate milk." She said. I fixed her plate and my own. She ate half of what I gave her. "I was thinking. Maybe I should Check my weight every day to see how much I have gained." Hannah said. "I think thats a good idea.''

Hannahs POV: I wanted Niall to stay home untill I had the baby. I wanted him to find a normal job and come home at night, every night. I knew what I wanted didnt matter at this point. I would ruin his whole life. I didnt eat much. Niall ate what I didnt. He gave me a funny look when I didnt finish it though. I went into the living room and sat down. When Niall was done he joined me. "I am depressed Niall. I have been ever since we found out I wasnt actually pregnant the first time. Now I have this baby groing inside me and I am not even taking care of it." He just looked at me. "I am a terrible mother." I said. I covered my face with my hands, and started crying. Niall got up quickly and moved beside me. He hugged me. "You didnt know you where pregnant. Hannah. The first time you werent even pregnant. Now is the time to turn everything around. We can go to the doctor and see what we need to do for you to gain a healthy weight. Alright?" I looked at him and nodded. We sat there for a little while in silence. "I have a doctors appointment next week." I said. "What day?" He asked. "Monday." "What time?" "9am." "I am here untill Sunday next week. Then I will be gone for three more weeks. Then the tour is done for the rest of the year." "At least it isnt a month." She laughed. "Lets go for a walk." I suggested. "Niall I can barley walk around the house. How do you think i am going to be able to walk around town?" "You never told me you where that weak Hannah." he said. "I didnt want you to worry about me." "Hannah your going to be my wife. i will always worry about you! Even if your safe in my arms." "We need to tell my parents about the baby." I said. "On Sunday after the apointment." I noded.

Nialls POV: She never told me that. I feel like she is hiding away from me. Like if I found out anything about her feelings I might not want to be with hr anymore. I will always want to be with her. All my life I looked for my princess, Now that I finally found her I feel like I cant protect her from herself. "I am tired." Hannah said. I got up. She started to do the same thing. I looked at her. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. "What are you doing?" She asked. "If you are to weak to walk, I am just going to have to carry you everywhere untill you can walk." I said. I layed her down gently in bed. She layed turned to her side. I covered her up. I let her sleep while i made lunch. Sandwiches and chips. I woke her when they where done. I carried her to the table where her plate was. She ate all of her lunch. As did I. "Thank you Niall." she said.

*Sunday morning*

Hannahs POV: Niall woke me up about 8 AM. He said he had the shower going. He carried me there. He undressed me then heled me stand while I was in the shower. I made him get in too. I almost fell but he caught me before I could. "You alright?" "yea Thanks." i said. When we where done Niall got out first I had to sit in the tub. Then he got me up and got me dressed. I did my hair. Then Niall carried me to the car. I was getting tired of being carried. I wanted to do it by myself. We got to the clinic where my apointment was and Niall opened my door. He started to help me out but I wouldnt let him. "Niall I got it. let me do it myself please." I said. He haled my hand helping me walk inside. We had to sit and wait for a little while they let us in about twenty minuets later. They made me do the same things. We sat in there waiting on the doctor. I was very uncomfortable. When they doctor came in iall stood up. "Hello? Who is this?" He asked. "I am Niall Horan." "Your the father?" "Yea." "Welcome." Niall Noded to say thanks. ''Well lets do this then." "Doc. Umm I didnt know I was pregnant untill a few weeks ago. I have not been eating very much before then." I looked to Niall. "When I got home from being on tour for 2 months She told me, Then I saw that she had gotten skinnier. I could see her ribs and her spine. She had a gap between her legs that wasnt there before." "Well. Thats not healthy for you or the baby Hannah." "I know. I have been eating since then but I mean, I dont know. I still see my spine and ribs. But I am getting a little bit of fat. Not much. we have been watching my weight every day. it goes up every two days." "What should we do. We can force her to eat. She will get sick." Niall said. "Why where you depressed?" "Niall went on tour after we found out I wasnt pregnant the first time. I didnt have time to be ok with it. And then he had to leave, I mean it was for the best. its eeping dinner on the table. I love that he does that, but I miss him. It is hard to go through that alone. I wasnt thinking." I looked to Niall. He wasnt even looking up. He looked to the floor. "Well you should keep eating. Think of positive things. eat and extra meal a day untill you hit 120 as your weight." "Alright." Niall still didnt look up. "Ok lets check on the baby then." He did what he said he would do. The baby was the size it was suppose to be. It apeared healthy. Niall was looking up at the screen, as was I and the doctor. Niall kissed my head. "i love you." he said. "I will leave you too. Come out when you are ready." we noded. When we where ready Niall helped me get dressed again.

Nialls POV: I was re thinking being in the band. I loved it but I had to put my family first. Hannah and I went her parents after we where done at the doctors. "Mom Dad. I love you guys. And I know Niall does too. So dont kill us when I say this. Mom dad, I am pregnant." Hannah said taking a deep breath. Her dad looked at me. He didnt look happy. "You too arent even married yet." her mom said. "We know." I couldnt say anything. "Dad, come on. We are getting married. We will be fine. Trust me." Hannah said. We argued with her parents for a little while. Then we had to leave. When we got home Hannah laughed. "What are you laughing at?" "Well One you should have seen your face. Two that went better then I thought it would." "I laughed at her. We went to the kitchen. She cooked this time. She said I sucked at it. We had some kind of Chinese chicken stuff. It was actually really good. "Thank you babe." I said. She smiled at me. "You can re pay me by drawing my a bath. then you can cook supper." She laughed. I got up and went to the bathroom. I drew her bath and put bath salt and bubbles in it. She walked into the room. "Thank you babe." Then she kissed me. I helped her undress and get into the tub.

*Next week*

Hannahs POV: Niall left yesterday, I weigh almost 120 pounds. I am doing great, mom called yesterday. She said she was disappointed i didnt wait till I was married but she was happy I chose instead of Dylan. I have been eating a lot more. The moring sickness has kicked in a little. Niall said he would get the first plane back the Night the tour was over. The boys did too. They said they wanted to see me too. my belly is getting a little bit bigger. Its not flat like it was before I got pregnant. Niall calls me at least 4 times a day, Just to see how I am doing. And to see if I am taking care of myself. I have 14 days untill I can see him next. I am counting them down.

Nialls POV: I miss Hannah. I cant wait untill she gets the pregnant belly. That was always my favorite part about when my moms friends got pregnant.

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