Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


10. Chapter 10

Hannahs POV: It was amazing! We went to school the next day like nothing happened. Not even the boys knew anything about it. Louis is out of school. He is working with simon and the song writers. The boys are practicly famous. I was at the lunch table eating my lunch with the boys and girls who knew Niall and the boys all through there school year yelling. "OMG I AM SO A NIALL GIRL!" Niall would blush and look at me. I would smile at him. I knew he liked a small protion of the attention. I like that he is having fun with this. It is his new life. When we left school Niall and I would hang out at his house. We didnt do anything, we just played video games. Out encounter was a week ago. Sometimes Niall and I will watch movies in his room. Make out. Cuddle a little bit. We have been dating for 6 months. "Niall," I said looking at him. "What?" "Nothing I just wanted to hear your voice." He smiled at me. We sat there and finished to movie. I fell asleep. My head was laying on his chest.

Nialls POV: I saw that Hannah fell asleep. Her birthday is in a week. I desided I would sing 'Summer love' to her with the boys. I woke Hannah up. "Hannah your mom will kill you if you stay to late." I said. "Niall I am 17 and I am moving out soon. I think I can and I will do what I want." She said back. I laughed. I rolled her off of me so i was on top of her. "When where you gonna tell me you where moving out?" I asked. "I just did." We both laughed. "Come on I will drive you home." I helped her up. We went to the door. Hannah opened it. We both where surprised to see what we did. "Did you miss me?" He said. "Dylan." Hannah said in fear. She started to stop back. He looked at me. "You been sleeping with my girl?" He asked. "I am not your girl anymore." hannah said from behind me. "Bitch I wasnt talking to you. Shut up." He said too her. I Punched him in the face. next thing I knew he had a gun to my face. "Get to the back room." He said. So we did. The only thing I cared about was Hannah and her saftey. If I died tonight I want to know he wont ever hurt her again.

Hannahs POV: He took us to Nialls Moms room. He tied Niall up hands to feet. He tied me to the bed. i knew what he was going to do. I started to kick and cry. Niall tried to get loose. Dylan placed the gun to my head. "Niall if you even try to help her I will shoot." He said. "Dylan stop please." I begged. Niall was stopp trying to get loose. Dylan took my clothes off and then raped me. I kicked and clawed. I even bit him. Niall got loose and put Dylan in a choker hold. He grabbed th gun and pointed it to Dylans head. I got up an dhid behind Niall. I was butt naked. "Niall dont." I said. "He hurt you! I told you I wouldnt let him do that anymore!" Niall was mad. He was upset. I was crying. "Niall Please!" I yelled. Nialls mom came home. She alked into her room to me naked and her son pointing a gun to someones head. "What the Hell is going on here!?" "He raped Hannah right in front of me. I will kill him. I swear I will." He yelled. I grabbed a blanket and I covered myself. "Niall calm down." She said. "No mom! He could have killed her the last time! He could have taken the only girl I ever loved away from me!" "Niall stop please its not worth it." I said. "He hurt you Hannah. Your my world. Without you my world would end. i wouldnt let it go on. He can and could have taken you away from me." I ran to the other room to call the cops. they where over in a few minuets. Niall still had the gun pointed to him when they got there. I took it from him. "Niall your ok now. we are ok." He looked at me. His eyes where sparkling with tears. I put both my hands on his face and i used my elbows to homd the blanket up. "Look at me Niall. I love you. We are ok. I promise. You protected me." I said reasuring him. He gave me a hug and he cried into my neck. I held his head. When he calmed down he helped me get dressed. My legs where shaky with fear. "I dont want this to happen again." He said. "It wont." "sure as hell it wont. Lets move in together Hannah. So I can be there for you. Please." I agreed. then he took me home. We told our parents what happened. they freaked out. We also told them we are going to move intogether. i dont think they liked that idea very much. but they agreed.

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