i will never forgive you

"im sorry, I didn't mean to make you fall in love with me." he said. I stared into his emerald green eyes
"no. you're not sorry or you would have told me sooner. im the one that's sorry. sorry I ever loved you!" I shouted my eyes filling with tears
"please charlotte, let me explain" he almost begged
"no. we're done. Its over styles"
"please forgive me..."
"I will never forgive you!"


3. let me explain

charlottes p.o.v


"You have 5 minutes. go" I said. he took a deep breath and began to speak

"look charlotte, I admit it was a dare to ask you out. but I never thought you would fall in love with me. when I found out you had feelings for me I didn't want to take it further and make it even worse for you." he said

"worse for me. I was the laughing stock of the whole school. you ruined my last year there" I practically shouted.

"look i'm.." he began before his brown haired mate came in the room

"hey hazz, wo whats up with the fit chick" he said giving me a cheeky wink

"the fit chick is telling this ignorant little pig to get the hell out my dressing room and go ruin someone elses life" I said

"ignorant little pig, hazz what have you done to upset her" he asked

"nothing" harry replied staring at me

"oh go on harry, do tell him. enlighten him on how much of a selfish, ungrateful, lying attention-seeking pig you are" I said.

"seriously harry what have you done" the other boy said

"I've done nothng wrong okay. just 'cause she can't take a dare" harry shouted before storming out the room. the other boy stayed. I couldn't help it but I broke down in tears in front of him

"wanna tell me whats wrong?" the boy asked

"well I went to school with harry before one direction. I had a crush on him but it wasn't a big deal. loads of girls did. he had girls fighting over him way before one direction. anyway  I had this crush on him and he knew it. he had just broke up with his girlfriend abi. I knew I didn't have a chance with him which is why I was surprised when he asked me out. I naturally fell for him and we were okay. we went out for two months before I told him I loved him. but he didn't say it back. his eyes filled with guilt before he told me he asked me out for a dare. he broke my heart and I can never forgive him. he went off and did x factor whilst I was stuck at school and became known as the loser who went out with harry styles for a dare. he ruined my last year of scholl for me." I said the tears rolling quickly down my cheeks

"its okay, your charlotte right, im Louis" he said. Louis that was it. I knew it was something like that. he pulled me in for a hug

"yea im charlotte" I said.

"well do you wanna come back for mine for a bit. have pizza, watch a movie. not as a date but as friends" he asked

"will the rest of your band be there?" I asked

"yeah they will but i'll make sure harry doesn't talk to you. I think he would like to be friends again. I mean I didn't know him when tis whole thing happened but we've all seen him change so much since the start of x-factor" Louis replied

"you know what, yeah i'll come just let me get changed" I replied. he nodded and went outside whilst I changed out of my skating dress and into some normal comfy clothes

"you're an actress right?" Louis asked

"yep, why" I replied

"can you pretend to the boys that I got knocked out on the way home. see what they do?" he asked

"yeah sure" I replied smiling.

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