The Curly Haired Boy!

My Name is Jessica Wander I'm n love with a celebrity he's the one that changed my life forever.


1. Chapter 1

"Harry look at this!",I say yelling across the room. "What love?",he asks. OK Harry is my bestfriend we have been through a lot together he and I have been friends sense the 9th grade,but he's only here to visit then he goes off on tour so... yeah."Two free and  yes I did say free movie tickets to go see Happily never After!" I say me and Harry have been wanting to see this movie for like ever. "ha that's great." He kisses my cheek I blush. OK yes I like him he's cute oh what am I kidding he's hot! "So Jess when are we going?"he asks "Umm OK let's see today at 10:00pm,oh great it's at night." I say I hate going to the movies at night but Harry can't be seen so I guess that's good." Oh cheer up love, now you can have me all to yourself." He says. OMG HE KNOWS!!!

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