It Started With a Text...

Aili And Roinal are big fans of the biggest boy band... one direction but falling in love with the two most liked members comes at a cost


2. Sun light

Aili's pov (eye-lee)

*yawn* I woke up to pure sunlight beaming in my face and my little sister (when I say little I mean 16) Roinal (Roy-nal) jumping on my bed. "its only 7am" I moan, "yeah, but its the day of the one direction concert. the day i get to meet Harry and you Niall!" She shouts in my ear. YES, Today was the day i get to see One Direction front row. Although, i still have to drive to Me and Roinal To The concert... THREE HOURS AWAY! Slowly, i hopp out of my king sized bed and stagger to get dressed... there it was, the outfit im wearing today; Perfect! I got dressed quickly behind my dressing room curtain -because Roinal was still in my room- and tied my naturally brown curly hair in the cutest, highest doughnut I’ve seen with a few pink and blue pastel rose hair accessories! I walked out from behind my curtain and my sister gasped in amazement. “Errmahhhgawwdd, you look amazing… I feel under dressed now!” I just looked at her and shook my head, no. ‘Okay doki, so…’ I thought to myself “let’s go!!!!!!!” I shouted in excitement. We waved good bye to our parents and jumped into the car… my car.


Roinal’s Pov

The car journey was long…. But not very quiet, I am way to excited to be quiet. I put on the Radio and turned it up, full blast. Aili was very quiet, probably because she was thinking of niall… but omg harry is just…………. Awh’! He is like…. My dream boy, when I meet him at the meet and greet in like 5mins I is going to be like…ahhhhhhhhhh! I and Aili walked up to the o2 arena where we see about 25 girls screaming at a gate…. Oh wait. No. A door with two glass panels down either side. Through the glass panels stood 5 boys, niall, Liam, Louis, harry and Zayn… more famously known as one direction. Me and Aili both walked up to the door and made our way through the girls…. Seeming as we were aloud in there to see the boys! We gave the two security men our passes and they crossed our name off the list to meet the boys. We opened the door and there they were, five gorgeous boys waiting to spend an hour with us. They turned around walked up to us and hugged us, at that point I could have screamed… literally! Niall then Liam then Louis then Zayn and then… harry…

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