Blood Lust ( One Direction Vampires )

Run. Just run. Don't look back. Casey ran from Harry 'cause there's a secret she knows and he doesn't want anyone to find out. He and the boys are vampires, and she's scared to death. She falls for one of them and they might fall for her. ( Please comment what you think )


2. What Do You Want ?!

Louis' P.O.V.

      I almost had her ! Why do they always have to ruin the fun ! I hissed to myself when I heard a knock at my door. I got up and opened it. It was Harry. " What do you want Hazz ? " I snapped at him. He looked thoughtful for a moment before he caught me off guard and stabbed me with a needle. " I want you to calm yourself and control your inner vampire. You STAY AWAY from Casey do you understand ? She IS NOT FOR EATING. " He shouted at me. This poison is starting to hurt. " Hazz you're hurting me. Please remove this needle from my arm. " He whipped around. " Why should I ? How do I know you're not gonna go and hurt Casey again ? " He questioned.

       " I wish to go apologize to her. I never meant to hurt her I swear. She just looked so good ! " I know he's reading my mind. ' Let me go I promise I won't do it again. ' I told him in my head. He sighed. " Fine. But I'm there when you do it. " He said. A sign of relief washed over me. He pulled the needle out and helped me up. I walked down to Casey's room and knocked on her door.

Casey's P.O.V.

     I heard a knock at my door. " Come in ! " I said. I wish I never said that 'cause the person who walked through that door was Louis. " What do you want ?! " I shouted at him and backed up. Harry walked through the door and rushed over to me and whispered, " It's alright you're safe. I'm here. He just wants to talk." He said. Louis put his hands up in defense. " Look, Casey, I'm really sorry fro what I did to you. My inner vampire took control of me and you looked good... " He trailed off. " Would you please forgive me ? I promise I won't do it again. " He said. I shook my head no. " Promises are meant to be broken. Prove it to me please. " I said. Harry chuckled and Louis looked flushed. Guess he's not used to that.

     All of a sudden I see darkness. I can still feel Harry but I can't see him. I hear Louis' voice in my head saying " Casey, I swear I won't hurt you again. To prove it I'll let you kick me where a man never wishes to be kicked. " He says. When I can see again I chuckle. Harry looks at me confused. I walked up to Louis and smiled. He smiled back and I grabbed his shoulders. Harry looked ticked. He put his arms around my waist and before he knew it I smashed my knee to his groin and he fell on the floor screaming. I laughed and went back to Harry. He smiled and rolled his eyes.

     " I forgive you Lou. Just never do it again or I swear I'll make it hurt worse next time. " I smiled at him. " Okay okay I swear ! " He said. He got up and we walked downstairs to find the other boys in the living room watching some tv. When they saw me they ran up and gave me hugs. Zayn's was the hardest 'cause he squeezed me the hardest. " Don't break her yet, mate. We haven't had fun with her yet. " Harry snickered and winked at me. I blushed a deep red. When they saw Louis their eyes darkened and their fangs came out. Niall even hissed. " Guys, guys it's okay. " I reassured them. They looked at me with terrifying expressions. I felt the blood drain from my face.

     They looked at me apologetically. I sat on the couch and turned on the telly. " Guys there's nothing good on. What do you want to do ? " I asked. They smiled devilishly at each other. " What ? " I asked. They grabbed the remote and turned on a movie. I didn't know what it was which scared me a tiny bit. It better not be a horror film. " It is a horror film ! " Harry said excitedly. I groaned. " Don't worry. We're here to protect and cuddle you if you're scared. " Zayn winked. It was Paranormal Activity 3. " I HATE THIS MOVIE SHUT IT  OFF SHUT IT OFF !! " I yelled and ran away.

       I was stopped dead 'cause Niall scared the heck outta me. " Come down stairs and watch it with us, and don't run this time. " He stared into my eyes and wrapped his arm around my waist. We got to the living room and I did as he said. " Thanks Niall. " Liam said. When it was done my eyes were wide and I was pale white, I didn't say anything or move I was still. Just staring straight, not doing anything. All the boys left except for Harry. " Babe ? What's wrong ? You're really pale, what can I do for you ? " He asks. I look at him and let a tear escape. He sat in front of me and let his eyes search my face before pulling me into his chest and kissing my head.

    " Sleep with me tonight. There's nothing to be afraid of you're okay, you're safe. " He said. I smiled and he kissed my nose. " Um Harry ? " I asked letting him pull me up. " Hmm ? " He asked. It was cute actually. " I'm hungry. " I say holding my stomach to keep it from growling. Harry chuckled and led me to the kitchen. He made me some chicken tenders lol. " Goodnight boys I'm tired. " They looked at me with whining expressions. " Awww really ? " They all said. I laughed. " Yes. I'll see you guys in the morning though. " They each gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Harry and I go off to bed and snuggle close together.

The next morning I wake up alone and there's a note from Harry:


           The boys and I have gone out to hunt for some food. I hope you're not awake when you find this but if you are don't leave the house okay ? I'll see you when I return so I can kiss that beautiful face of yours. Stay safe. I love you


                                                                                                             Harry .x

    Awe that was beautiful. As I was thinking about Harry I thought of a song and started to sing it. It was DNA by Little Mix

Does he tell u he loves u when u least expect it ? Does he flutter ur heart when he kisses ur neck ? No scientist or biology, its obvious when hes holdin me. Its only natural that im so affected oh

( Chorus )

and my heart wont beat again if i cant feel him in my veins. no need to question i already know.

its in his DNA D-D-D DNA its in his DNA and he just takes my breath away b-b-b breath away i feel it every day and thats what makes a man not hard to understand perfect in every way i see it in his face nothing more to say its in his D-D-D-D DNA

its the blue in his eyes that helps me see the future, fingerprints that leave me covered for days yeah hey yeah.

now i dont have any first degree but i know what he does to me. no need to work it out its so familiar.

( Chorus )

its all about his kiss contaminates my lips our energy connects its simple genetics im the x to his y its the color of his eyes he can do no wrong no he dont need to try made from the best he passes all the tests got my heart beating fast its cardiac arrest. hes from a different strain that science cant explain i guess thats how hes made its in his D-D DNA. oooh X4

( Chorus )

         I didnt even notice the boys were watching me. I stared at them and felt my heart beating really fast. " Slow your heart down sweetheart you're making me thirsty. " Zayn said while his eyes darkened and his fangs came out. My eyes widened and my heart beat even faster. Harry was at my side in a second holding my waist and blocking my view of Zayn. " Shhh. Look at me. " Harry said. I looked in his eyes and felt calm and safe. Next thing I know I was on the floor in pain. I screamed in pain and held my chest. I felt a hand holding my heart in my chest. Harry was to me again and threw Zayn off. " I just wanted to feel her heart. " Zayn smiled. There's blood all over the floor and I'm trying to catch my breath.

       Harry's feeding me his blood and I feel better a couple minutes later. " How are you ? " Harry asked. " I'm fine. " I said and smiled at him. Woah I'm acting weird. " Did you like the song I sang for you ? " I asked him. He looked surprised and smiled. " I loved it. " He said kissing me. " I love you. " I said. He took my hand in his. " I love you more. " He said. My phone started ringing so I answered it. It was Nathan. " Hello ? " I said. " Where are you ? " He asked. " That's none of your business. " I said. " You wanna know what really happened to your family ? " He asked. My heart stopped and Harry looked at me with a worried expression. " What do you want ? " I yell. It was silent for a moment. " I want you. " Then the called ended.




   Hello lovelies ! I recommend looking up DNA by Little Mix its amaZAYN !!

Comment please ! =)


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