The Darkness Inside

She was as innocent as any 19 year old who lived alone could be until she met them. When they fall in love with her can she rid them of their darkness or will they bring out her darkness inside?
Andrea is 19 with black hair and a tall, slim figure. She lives alone in her apartment with her cat Garfield. She works at a home design company. She likes to party, but she doesn't have many friends to party with. She may seems innocent, but, like I said, as innocent as any 19 year old lives alone could be. (None of them are famous btw)


2. Chapter 2

Andrea's P.O.V.
It's been three days since I've been here. That maid I meet when I first got here brought me food and clothes. There was a bathroom connected to the room so I was able to take showers. Everytime Sam, the maid, came in I'd ask her why I was here but she would never respond. she just shook her head and left the room looking down. Not once have any of the boys come in to bring me anything ,or talk ,or see if I'm ok. Not once. I was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling when I heard the door open. I looked up and it was Zayn. I ignored him and started staring at the ceiling again. 
"Hi Andrea," He breathed after two or three minutes of just standing there.
"Hi," I whispered back. 
"Do you want to know why we took you?" he asked me.
"Enlighten me Zayn," I said sarcastically sitting up.
"Well..... Ummm...," he said trying to say something.
"Spit it out," I said.
"Well we're kind of vampires and I think you get the rest," he said all in one breath.
I laughed. It was the funniest excuse ever.
"It's not an excuse," he said firmly.
How the fuck did he know I was thinking that? I didn't say it out loud, did I?
"No you didn't, but, as I said, I'm a vampire so I can sort of hear your thoughts," he told me.
Shit just seriously got real. My eyes got wide and I stood up and ran to the bathroom trying to close the door, but his foot wedge in between the door and its frame.
"You will only wake this worse by running," he told me, "if you didn't realize, I'm a lot stronger than you," he told me. 
I started crying again. I let go of the door letting him in, not wanting to be hurt anymore than he was already going to hurt me.
"Look," he said calmly placing his hand on my cheek, "we aren't going to kill you. We're just simply going to need your blood every now and then," he told me, "We don't want to hurt you," he told me. "Just get it over with," I told him. 

He smiled and pulled me toward him, leaning my head to the side. I felt his teeth sink into my neck and a sharp pain was sent throughout my body as I cried. The pain didn't last long because he stopped after about twenty seconds.

"You didn't scream," he said amazed with wide eyes.

I looked down and a tear fell onto the cold bathroom tile. I started walking into my room when i was pulled back toward him and given a hug. I hugged him back, astonished by his actions.

"I'm sorry it has to be this way," he told me. I could just hear the sincerity in his voice.

I knew that as long as Zayn was always around I'd be ok. I knew he wouldn't let anyone hurt me. He made me feel safe.

Zayn's P.O.V.
I left her room astonished and went to find the boys. I finally found them all in the kitchen.

"What's up with you?" Niall asked laughing.

"Yea. You look like you've seen a ghost," Louis said laughing.

"She didn't scream," I whispered softly looking at the ground, my eyes still wide.

The laughing stopped and everything was silent.

"What did you say?" Harry asked.

"She. didn't. scream," I said a little louder this time.

None of said anything. There was nothing we could say. It was so much to take in. 

"What're we going to do now?" Liam asked.

"I truly don't know," I told them.

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