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Melissa's changed her mind. She knows who she wants to be with. THe one who she left broken hearted has found another girl and moved on. The Tomlinson family have a baby girl (Hailey) while the Styles family have a baby boy (Jake). Things between the 2 families are still tense and hate each other.

Just saying, it might be a bit boring at the start but believe me, it gets better!


22. Threatening




As soon as the bell ran, I started packing my stuff hastily. I am not going to kiss Dylan even though it's just for a play. That's it. I'm going to go straight up to Mrs. Peterson and tell her that-

"Wait! Class! Before you go, I would like to tell you that the school has invited a special person here to go and see this very play." Mrs. Peterson said with huge smile plastered on her face.

"Who is it?" Ashley asked. I swear she has a huge crush on Dylan. I mean, well most girls do. I should probably warn her. I know how he is. He just uses girl and throws them away. I don't want Ashely to make that mistake. I'll talk to her afterwards.

Mrs.Peterson raised her eyebrows and did a creepy smile. She just tapped her nose a few times. "Aaahh! That is for me to know" 

With that, I just walked out of the classroom. I caught up with Ashely. "Hey, Ash!" I said. She turned around to face me and smiled. "Hey, Hailey! What's up?" 

"Um....I want to talk to you about Dylan" I said nervously. I don't know if she'll listen to me but I care for her so I need to tell her.

"Yea, he's so cute, swe-" I quickly cut her off from her dreamy trance.

"Yeah, whatever. I just want to say that you shouldn't -" I began before I felt an arm around me.

I looked behind me and found Dylan there, smirking. "What do you want?" I sighed.

"Just catching up with my favourite girl" He said winking. 

Ashley looked at me with a shocked and hurt expression. She looked at the two of us and then speed-walked away from us. Great, now she thinks I'm stealing her crush! Just perfect....

I was about to catch up with her when Dylan pulled me back.

"What do you want?" I snapped at him. HIs eyes widened a bit. But then his signature smirk came right after.

"I was wondering  if you wanted to practice a specific scene in the play? Maybe tonight?" He said.

I looked at him in confusion for a second until I caught on. He's seriously not asking me to.... Who does he think I am? I'm not one of his regular sluts!

I gave him a disgusting look before walking away.


"I was wondering  if you wanted to practice a specific scene in the play? Maybe tonight?" I said with my signature smirk on my face. She's got to fall for this. I mean, which girl doesn't!

She gave me a disgusted look before walking away.

Apparently she didn't! Great! You messed up! I was intially going to ask her to go on a proper date with me but look how that turned out. It's usually not hard to ask girls on dates. They basically throw themselves at me. Apparently, my dad was like that. Just the thought of my dad fucking anyone made me shiver. Gross. I've listened to some of his band's songs and it's okay.......kind of old fashioned you know? I think him and one of his band mates fell out over this girl and stopped playing in a band.

I snapped myself out of my thoughts. That wasn't the best way to ask her out. The thing is..... I don't know how to. Go on! Laugh all you want, but it's true. Hailey's different. I really like her but I always seem to fuck everything up when I'm around her. Where are my babe magnet skills when you really need them?

She's probably studying or some shit in our dorm. I walked over there and stood outside the door.

What should I say? "I'm sorry about earlier"..........no. "Hey, Hailey what you up two?"....... no you idiot, she's obviously going to be studying. 

"Hey Hailey, can I talk to you?".......yeah, that's seems legit.

As I was about to open the door, the door was opened by Hailey. "You know, 'sorry about earlier' would have been fine, you know?" She said smiling. I instantly smiled back. Partly because of embarrassment that I voiced my thoughts out loud and she heard them. But mainly because her smile was just contagious. 

"Yeah, I'm sorry about earlier." I said back. 

"It's fine" She said leaving the door open for me to come in.

I went inside, closing the door. She went back to studying. "Hey, Hailey, um.... can I talk to you?" I said nervously. I'm going to look like an idiot if she says no.

"Shoot" She said, not looking up from her textbook.

"Do you want to-" I began before I was interrupted by something catching my eye. Out of the corner of my eye was her phone on the bed right next to where I was sitting. She was texting that goody-two-shoes Tom fella. One particular text caught my eye. 

Can't w8 for r date tonight, beautiful ;) meet u at 7 From Tom xxx

I froze. I felt my blood boil inside me. Especially those 'kisses' at the end. I know it was only text but it still made me angry. I'm going crazy but that's 'cause of her. Hailey. She makes me crazy for her. I can just imagine, my friends hearing my thoughts. I'd never hear the end of it. I still remember the day I kissed Hailey. Well, even though she pushed me of. I felt guns going off. Wait......that doesn't sound right.........fists punching.......no........fireworks and sparks...yeah. It felt like fireworks and sparks. 

"Do I want to what?" Hailey said, looking confused, making me remember what I said.

"Forget it!" I said angrily to her before storming out of the dorm. I ran all the way to Tom's dorm. He was one of the few, unlucky ones I guess, to be sharing a dorm with a boy. 

I didn't bother knocking on his door. I barged in his dorm. He was smiling at his phone just like Hailey. 

"What the fuck do you think you're doing??!!!!!!!!" I shouted. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and shoved him against the wall.

"W-What you talkin' about?" He said holding his hands up in defence. Ha! That little bitch thinks he act innocent and get away with it.

"You know what! Hailey! Stay away from her!" I said, shoving my fist in his face. With that, I calmed down a bit. But just a bit. I admit, it was a little extreme to punch him but with Hailey, I want to be the only one for her. No one else deserves her. Not even that ass-kissing Tom.

"And I should listen to you because......" He said smirking while raising his eyebrow.

He's doing this on purpose. Trying to boil my blood. So that I punch and fist him even harder so he'll probably get a black eye. So he can complain to Hailey. So that I'll look like a bitch in her eyes. 

Nice try! I clenched my fists. I gritted my teeth while saying to him, "Just don't take her out. If you do, you don't want to know the consequences" My knuckles were turning white now. I looked down at them and so did he. His eyes widened in fright. Now, he gets the message. I quickly left before I'd do something that I'd regret. Well by regret, now 'cuz he'd get hurt and shit but because Hailey would freak out and be hurt. I hated to see her hurt. It killed me.


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