I Got KIdnapped By 1D!

"Don't even bother, you won't escape, might as well surrender." I noticed that he had a different accent compared to the other guy, he sounded more Irish then British. I didn’t have time to answer because they were all charging towards me, one of them grabbed me, he put one hand on my waist and one on my mouth so I couldn’t scream, I screamed anyway, I didn’t care if it came out muffled, I just wanted someone to hear me. I was thrashing around in his hands, until someone grabbed my feet and were tying them together, I couldn’t move my feet anymore, whoever tied them did a great job. I was still screaming, and I think whoever was holding me got annoyed because he said

"Ni the cloth" I didn't need to be a master mind to know what 'the cloth' meant, they were gonna drug me!


12. The Search

I Got Kidnapped By 1D!


CHAPTER 12: The Search




"Ok you guys ready to go?" Zayn asked, looking flustered. We all nodded and headed for the door. As I stepped out into the forest night, all I could think about was, 'god I hope she's ok.'



The forest looked so creepy at night. It was so dark, and there were shadows to be seen everywhere, and the sounds of the night animals and wind blowing through trees echoed throughout the whole forest. I personally didn’t like the forest, not in the morning, and definitely not at night. It just looked like a place where bad things would happen, and where evil creatures would hide.


I scanned the entrance of the forest, it didn’t show much, just a lot of trees. Who knows where Angel could be? This forest stretched for miles, she could be any where, she could be in danger right now and I wont be able to save her. What if we never find her? What if it was already too late to save her? What if she was taken by someone else? All these 'what if' questions were killing me. Just knowing the possibilities on what could have happened to Angel was killing me. I was interrupted from my thoughts by Liam speaking.


"Hey Lou? Are you alright?" Liam asked me. I turned towards the boys and it seemed like they were shocked to see me. I wanted to say I'm  fine, but no words were escaping my mouth, like I lost the ability to speak. And even though if I did say 'I'm fine' it would be a complete lie, because I was no where near fine. The girl I loved, was some where out there, possibly in danger and I couldn’t do anything about it. Why did she run away though? Were we that horrible? I mean yeah, Harry did drug her, and yeah Zayn did beat her, and she did see me almost kill Harry with my super powers, but other than that, we were good lads, weren’t we? Ugh! Lou, are you even listening to what your saying? Those are horrible things that would make anyone run away from you. My conscious screamed at me. It was right, those were horrible things. No wonder Angel ran, we were absolutely horrible. And to think we did this whole kidnapping thing to make everything right. But instead we made everything 10 times worse. I felt a huge lump in my throat that I didn’t even notice before, and I felt something wet trailing down my face, tears. That’s when I realized I was crying, and had been for a while, that’s probably why when I faced the boys they looked shocked. I couldn’t take it anymore, I just kept crying. I put my face in my hands, covering my face that had tears running down it, ashamed that I was acting like this in front of the boys. I felt arms wrap around me, pulling me close into someone's chest. I didn’t know who it was, but it comforted me. So I just stayed there in that persons embrace, crying into their chest. After about a few minutes of crying into the persons chest, I finally eased down my sobs and pulled away from the persons embrace, looking up to face them. It was Harry who was hugging me.


"You alright Boobear?" Harry asked with sympathy in his eyes. I just nodded, not having the strength to speak yet. I wiped the tears from my eyes and took a deep breath, calming myself down. I felt so weak right now, and I was usually never weak. I looked up at the boys and they all looked sympathetic for me, I appreciated the sympathy, but there was not time to lose. I needed to find Angel, even if it takes me forever, I wont stop until I have her in my arms.


"Ok, lets go." I said, trying to sound the strongest I can in the condition I'm  in. I led the way into the forest, not giving the boys time to protest or answer. Thankfully they just trailed behind me, not saying a word. We turned on our flashlights, because the forest was almost pitch dark at night, the only light came from the moon shining brightly above us. But that wasn’t enough light to find a missing person. We just kept walking through the forest not really knowing where in the world we were headed to, but all I did was hope that I would some how come across her, safe and sound.


"Ok boys, why don’t we split up so that we'll have a better chance on finding her. And when you do find her just shout, shine your flashlight or whatever, got it?" they all nodded and headed of in their own directions. I kept walking for who knows how long, I was beginning to lose hope that we would never find her again, which was killing me on the inside. I wanted to so badly to cry and just scream her name, hoping she'd come running towards me, but I knew that the possibility of that happening was one to none. I kept walking through the forest, not getting any luck of finding her. With every minute that passed by, the more hope in finding her I lost. I was getting really frustrated now, and really angry, sad, panicked and a whole lot of other emotions. I was an emotional wreck. I wanted to just break down, and wish that a sink hole would appear and suck me in. I didn’t know where Angel was, I didn’t know how to find her. And thinking of the possibilities of where she could be and the condition she could be in was getting me into even more of an emotional wreck. But I NEEDED to find her, if I don’t, I think I would literally die. I cant stand the idea of losing her, let alone actually losing her. I kept walking through the dark and creepy forest, instead now my eyes sight was getting kind of blurry because tears were brimming my eyes. I NEEDED to find Angel. I HAVE to. I was determined to fine her. As I was walking through the forest, I came across something on the ground. That’s when I realized it wasn’t 'something' it was person! The person was lying down on the ground on their side, their back facing me, and their front facing a tree. Oh, my, gosh. Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead. I didn’t want to approach the person, I didn’t know what I would see if I saw the front of the person, and I was too afraid to try and find out. So I studied the back of the person from afar. I realized it was a girl because of her hair. She had long wavy brown hair, reminding me so much of Angel, and it was covered with leaves and dirt. I looked down at what she was wearing, and realized it looked familiar to me. She was wearing PJ pants and a black and white striped shirt. That was the outfit Angel was wearing wasn’t it? Wait a sec…

I quickly approached the girl and kneeled down beside her. I turned her over so that she was on her back. It was Angel! OMG!! I found Angel! Joy and relief flashed through me.


"BOYS!! BOYS! COME HERE I FOUND ANGEL! I ACTUALLY FOUND HER! COME HERE QUICK!" I shouted into the dark forest hoping the boys heard me. Not long after I heard rustling and fast footsteps. Then Harry emerged and he ran over to Angel and I, kneeling beside her as well. Soon after, Liam came, then Zayn and finally Niall. We were all kneeling beside Angel, just staring at her unconscious figure. Wait a sec… why is she unconscious? I started panicking and my breathing quickened. My first instinct was to check for a pulse. So I pressed 2 fingers to the side of her neck that was just under her jaw, the spot where your pulse should be. Thankfully I felt her pulse, steady and calm. And I also pressed my ear to her chest, checking her breathing. But why was she unconscious? What happened to her?


"Why is she unconscious?" I asked, panic evident in my voice.

"Calm down Lou. She's alright." Liam assured me. But was he positive she's alright? She could be in a coma right now and I'm  sure he wouldn’t know.


"How would you possible know Liam? She could be in a come right now and I'm pretty d@mn sure you wouldn’t know about it." I slightly screamed at him, anger rising in me. I don’t know why I was getting angry at Liam. I know it wasn’t necessary and that I shouldn’t be angry at him, but I'm freaking out right now.


"Lou, calm down. Why don’t we just take her back to the cabin so that we can get her in bed, safe and sound, and also warm her and clean her up alright?" Zayn suggested, softly. Cautioning so that I wouldn’t burst. I touched Angel's skin and it did feel cold. I swiftly nodded and scooped her up in my arms, carrying her bridal style. I practically ran back to the house, not stopping once to take a breath. I burst through the door and went up to my room, and softly dropped Angel in my bed. I kneeled beside the bed, beside the spot she was lying down on. I held her cold hands in mine, warming them up. How did she get like this?



A/N Hey! Sorry this is such a short chapter. I was really tired and busy all week! I thought I wasn’t going to be able to even write the chapter! Thankfully I got to though. Anyways… hope you guys like it! Thank god they found Angel! Now they just have to find out why she ran away. Remember I'll be posting next Friday! Maybe sooner since this was such a short and sorta crappy chapter. Please Like, Fan, Favourite and Comment! THANKS FOR READING!



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