I Got KIdnapped By 1D!

"Don't even bother, you won't escape, might as well surrender." I noticed that he had a different accent compared to the other guy, he sounded more Irish then British. I didn’t have time to answer because they were all charging towards me, one of them grabbed me, he put one hand on my waist and one on my mouth so I couldn’t scream, I screamed anyway, I didn’t care if it came out muffled, I just wanted someone to hear me. I was thrashing around in his hands, until someone grabbed my feet and were tying them together, I couldn’t move my feet anymore, whoever tied them did a great job. I was still screaming, and I think whoever was holding me got annoyed because he said

"Ni the cloth" I didn't need to be a master mind to know what 'the cloth' meant, they were gonna drug me!


5. I Cant Believe This Happened

I Got Kidnapped By 1D!


CHAPTER 5: I Cant Believe This Happened



Liam's POV:

I needed to talk to the boys about Angel. We needed to figure out how this whole situation was going to work, and to tell them that Angel was hands off. I already talked to Zayn, so I asked him to go and get Louis, so I could talk to him, Harry and Niall, while Zayn brought Angel up to her room since she was sleeping. I was currently sat in the living room of our cabin in the woods (A/N see what I did there? I love that horror flick btw! Chris Hemsworth did a great job, just saying. Sorry carry on reading.)  with Niall and Harry sat on the couch opposite of me. Just then Louis walked in and sat on the same couch Harry and Niall was on. They all had blank expressions on their face, as if they were zoning off into space.


"Ok, boys I just called you guys here to talk about Angel, and what we are going to do while she's here." I started off, that seemed to grab their attention from zoning off into space. They all nodded so I continued.


"First off, you know why we need her here, you know the situation, but you cant tell her that, atleast not yet, because she'll get all freaked out and it'll be to much for her to take in. considering she's still trying to get over the fact that 'strangers' kidnapped her. Got it?" they all nodded.


"Secondly, we need to have a plan, and the right supplies to be ready if she just runs away, or if she becomes difficult. We need to be prepared and to know what to do. Were going to need more sleeping drugs just in case my powers don’t work for some reason, or I'm  not fast enough, I think Harry can take care of that. I'll get locks for every door and window or any other escape route in this house. Niall, you can get her the necessities she'll need since she's staying here. And-"


"Awwww! Why do I have to get the girl stuff? I don’t know anything about a girls necessities!" Niall complained.


"You just have to Nialler, no complaints!" I scolded him.


"Now as I was saying, and Louis, you can get the restraints if she tries to be difficult. Got it?"

a heard a response of 3 'Got it's'


"Is that it?" Louis asked.


"Oh and one more thing, you guys are going to stay away from Angel, and I mean that in a romantic way. None of you are to get attached to Angel romantically, and you are definitely not going to have a relation ship with her, NONE of you! Do I make myself clear?" I clarified. I could have sworn I saw Louis stiffened, and he had a shocked and hurt expression. If that was his reaction, he quickly recovered and looked expressionless, as if he never looked shocked. I got a 'yes Liam' from Niall and Harry, but it took a while for Louis to say 'yes Liam' and he said it barely above a whisper, you wouldn’t hear it if you weren’t paying close attention to him.


"Good, glad I made myself clear, now lets g-" I was interrupted by a sound of an angry voice, whimpering, and a ruckus that came from upstairs. Louis, Niall and I exchanged worried glances, but when I looked at Harry, it seemed as if he were….. smirking? What in the world? I didn’t have time to analyze that, instead I rushed upstairs, Louis hot on my heels along with Niall, and Harry, half walking, half jogging upstairs. That’s odd. I burst open the door that was supposed to be Angel's bedroom, only to see Angel out cold on the bed, with bruises forming on her eye, stomach and limbs, and red hand marks on both her cheeks. Had Zayn… beat her? No that cant be, Zayn was a good lad, wasn’t he? Zayn was starring at Angel with an angry expression. His face hard and angry and his hands were in fists. I didn’t know what to think, I was way to shocked to process anything right now.


"ZAYN!! WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO??!!" Louis screamed at him. Walking towards him, with a very angry expression on his face too, it was as if he were ready to punch Zayn.


"Dunno, got mad I guess." Zayn replied simply. That set me off, he beat up Angel to the point of unconsciousness and he only replies with 'got mad I guess' ?? that’s just rubbish!


"ZAYN!! YOU BEAT UP ANGEL, AND NOW SHE'S UNCONSIOUS, AND YOU REPLY WITH 'DUNNO, GOT MAD I GUESS' ??" I screamed at his face, joining Louis' side.


"That’s just rubbish!" I exclaimed, getting angrier by the minute, how dare he hurt Angel?! I thought he was my friend. I was going to say some more, but was interrupted by Louis punching Zayn square in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. And that’s when I knew, a fight was going to start. Zayn got up almost immediately and started punching Louis in the gut, Louis groaned and fell to the ground, Zayn got on top oh him and started beating the cr@p out of him. Louis put his hands up in front of his face, I thought he was surrendering, but turns out he was using his power. He got the forces of the wind and pushed Zayn off with such strong force, he flew and hit has back hard on the wall, he grunted from the pain and the wall cracked a bit from impact. Since Louis used his power, Zayn was going to use his too, and remembering Zayn's power, that’s not going to be good. Zayn lifted up his hand and focused it on Louis, soon Louis was on the ground, crying out in pain. Louis lifted his hand with all his strength, despite the pain he was in and focused it on Zayn. Soon Zayn was on the ground shaking violently, as if he were being electrocuted, which is probably what Lou was doing to him. Me, Niall and even Harry, were watching in shock as our two best friends fought. It never occurred to me that one of us could have done something to stop the fight, I guess we were too in shock. So I used my power on the both of them, Louis first. If you forgot, my power is to control peoples emotions, telling somones true emotions, knowing if someone was lying or not, and making someone got to sleep. I think I'm going to use my first and last power. First I focused on Louis with my eyes, and immediately made him calm down so he wasn’t so mad any more, then I made him feel drowsy. I told Harry to go stand by Lou, and catch him if he falls. When Harry was behind Lou ready to catch him, I made Louis really drowsy that he wouldn’t even be able to keep his eyes open any more. I watched as Louis' eyelids slowly began to close, then his arms went limp, his knees buckled, and he collapsed into Harry's arms, as his whole body went completely limp. Yup! He was out like a light. Harry picked him up bridal style, wow that kid was strong! And carried Louis to his room. Then I focused in on Zayn, who was still trying to recover from Louis electrocuting him. He hastily got up, and he still seemed quite angry. So I focused in on him, and made him calm down, then I made him drowsy, just like I did with Louis. I told Niall to catch Zayn when he falls, when Niall was behind Zayn, I made Zayn really sleepy, and soon he collapsed into Niall's arms just like Lou did into Harry's arms. Niall dragged Zayn to his room, and I stayed in Angel's room and watched her sleep.


"I'm so sorry I let someone hurt you Angel, I never knew Zayn would do that. I'm so, so sorry." I cried, and kissed her forehead. Tears started falling down my face, and I quickly wiped them away not wanting to be seen in the fragile state I am now. What have I done? I just let someone I care about get hurt, and to make it worst, it was by one of my best friends. I cant believe this happened.



A/N hey guys did you like this chappie? I promised action right? That’s why I included the Zayn and Louis fight. Ok I'll be posting on a Friday or the weekend. Please Vote, Subscribe and Comment me watcha think! Thanks so much for reading!



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