Breathe me (Secrets keep us close)

“I wish I wasn't always wrong I wish it wasn't always my fault” - Rosemary Bloss

”She has so many secrets, so many scars. I wish I could kiss them away.” - Liam Payne


3. Another part of my misery

I knew it was wrong of me to take the job. But with the money I got, I had money to food, and new clothing. I was now ready to go to school.

I went into the small classroom. I was late, and everyone started looking at me. I had a new blouse on, but still my trashy pants, and shoes. I looked around in the classroom for my seat, and then I saw the only seat that wasn't taken. Slowly I sat down my bag. The teacher still hadn't noticed me. I looked to my left, a girl with the most beautiful blond hair I had ever seen. I waved so beautifully every time the wind came. Then I looked at my right, a guy with beautiful brown eyes, and brown wavy hair. 

Then I heard the sound of the bell, and everyone started packing up their stuff to go to lunch. I started following the cute boy a few meters behind him. Then I saw the girl coming over to him, and sneeking her hand into his. I went over to the cafeteria to get my lunch, and then as I was about to go to the bathroom to eat.. The cute boys friend yelled after me. I turned around, and he had the most shinny blue eyes I had ever seen. Still his face weren't that pretty, his eyes made him beautiful. I slowly walked over to their table. I sat between the guy with the blue eyes, and the girl with the blond hair. 

"So what's your name?" The blue eyed guy asked me. 

"I'm Rosemary" I said shy. 

"My name is Niall, this is Liam, and this is Zenia." Niall said and they all gave me handshake. It seemed like Niall was very sweet and welcoming. I felt happy to be in class with him. I maybe had a chance to be the forth clover. Maybe I had some luck in Brighton. I started eating my food, and Niall started talking to Liam about this party. I didn't hear much, my brain was all concentraited on one thing, and that was to get currage to ask Zenia to go shopping with me. Though many people would think at a time like this, that she is just a girl, she loves shopping. Why would she say no? Etc. But Zenia she weren't as welcoming as Niall or Liam. She had just been sitting with her fork in the same piece of salad the hole time. I slowly started my senctence, and when I was done straning, she actually said yes. We should meet in the mall by the big watch at 4 o'clock. She would be the first friend ever. And I know that it sounds crazy, that she would be my first, but I was always the third weel. I wouldn't call that a friend, or friends. Maybe my misery was about to go. Beyond my job, everything was going fine. I had an apointment with a client at 7 pm, so I just prayed we would be done shopping by that time. 

I stood underneath the big watch, looking at the time that slowly went past 4. I stood in about 15 minutes waiting for her, as she finally showed up. 

"I'm so sorry for coming this late, but there was a little problem at home." she said and then we started shopping. She went into all the expensive shops. I just watched her picking out pants and looked at all the prices I couldn't afford. I asked her if she knew a cheap, but good shop. That was when it dawned her that I didn't have as much money as her. She showed me an amazing shop where almost everything only costed 5 pounds. She found amazing clothing for me, just my size. She was like an angel sent from heaven to help me get the life I always wanted. She was popular, she had an amazing boyfriend, and she knew the right people and places. She went into another shop where she found the most gorgeous dress. It was purple with some golden shimmery, and had a V neck, but the price was 20 pounds. And I could not afford that. After this moment I knew we were friend, she offered to pay 16 pounds for the dress, and I payed the rest. She must really love how the dress looked at me. 

I went home with many shopping bags, and as soon as I got into my apartment, my client was already there. He had a very big beard, and had a big leather west. On his arms there were tattoos everywhere, of giant skeleton heads. I just put down my bags, and then my problems began again. 

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