One Thing

The story us based on the song "one thing" by one direction.


2. the song and an interview

Harry's P.O.V

After I finished singing the song the boys decided that we should make it our bands song. We sang it during an interview and then the interviewer asked us some questions:

Q: "so who came up with the name one direction?" 

A: "Harry did" (Liam said)

Q: "and who came up with the idea of this song?" 

A: "harry did" (zayn said)

Q: where did you get the idea from?

A: "summer camp. I saw this girl and I wrote this song to sing to her but never go the chance to" (harry)

Interviewer: "well the boys thought that it would be a great idea to surprise you with a little visit from that girl." "Your kidding" I said. "Nope. She's backstage." The interviewer said. I ran backstage and hugged her. "Harry?" She asked. "Yeah its me. I wrote that song for you Michelle." I answered. Then a couple of years later they lived happily ever after all because of that one song.

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