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2. Hannah


Hannah's blue eyes started to fill up with tears when she found out Liam had not been found. "He may as well be dead." His management said to news of Liam being kidnapped for a week. Hannah rushed out of the police station while her brown locks danced across her back. She ran into the woods and stopped when she got lost. "Liam,.. I miss you so much.!!" Hannah sobbed as she sat there in the woods. "I missed you so much too." Liam said as he appeared amongst her. Hannah gasped with shock. Her love of her life was right there and okay. "I heard that a fan kidnapped you two weeks ago." Hannah said looking down. Liam crouched down and put his hand on her cheek.. "I won't leave this world until my last second is spent with you kissing me." Liam soothed her. Hannah felt Liam grab her hand and tug her closer to him and kissed her.








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