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9. Ariana { Ariel }


Ariana has been walking for a good couple of miles on a dead highway. Her car broke down on her way to her friends vacation house. She had a good 6 miles to go when she heard a motorcycle coming from the direction she left her car. She heard it coming closer when all of a sudden, it died out. "Do you need a ride, love.?" Zayn said from behind her. Ariana turned behind her while her brown/red tips swiftly moved too. "Uh, yeah thanks." She smiled as she walked towards his motorcycle. She got on and Zayn gave her a helmet. "Where you off to, beautiful.?" Zayn smiled at her. She giggled. "Uh to my friends vacation house on the first turn you come up to." Ariana responded returning a smile. They start riding down the road, her arms hooked on his waist and his 8 pack. His damn 8 pack.!! She started to study his tattoos. After 15 minutes, they were in the driveway of Ariana's friends house. "Now do I get a kiss from my princess.?" Zayn smirked. "Yes." She said as she kissed him. "Ariel.!" Her friend said but then quickly stopped. 

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