Fast Furious and Dangerous

Justin and his crew battles against Johnny and his crew.
What happened in the past between Justin and Johnny is now resulting in a Fast, Furious and Dangerous situtaion. But what happens when one of Justin's crew members has a sister? Will Justin be able to protect her from Johnny? Will the bad boy, leader of the crew, Justin fall in love with a innocent girl? Or will Johnny take her away? Fast cars, hot girls and sexy boys. Crews battling and things becoming very very dangerous in... FAST FURIOUS and DANGEROUS!


8. Part 8- Cassie & Justin getting close?

*Cassie's POV*
They were all fuckers. Like seriously, I just wanted to know. Is that so hard? I guess it is. The day was ending quick. The weekend was here. As I laid in bed texting my friend Amanda. Who still lived back home
TEXT: "I'm coming to see you this weekend" -Amanda
TEXT: "thank god! I missed you sis"
Yes I call her sis, cause she's like my twin.
TEXT: "can't wait to see you" -Amanda
Suddenly, I heard loud noises coming from outside. I guess the party started. People shouting, car engines were reved up. I had a look outside, mainly the whole school turned up. I didn't know that Justin was this popular. But what surprised me was seeing Justin looking out from his own window. He stood there like he didn't want this party. He saw me looking and lifted up a bottle. I opened the window.
"What do you want? I asked.
I was still pissed at him.
"I feel bad. Come have a drink" he said.
"I though I wasn't allowed? Mick will know"
"Not if you come through the window" he smiled.
Was he crazy? I wasn't jumping.
"Move I'll jump over" he told me
He was already on his window sill when I moved.
"You're crazy." I yelled at him.
"You don't know the half of it"
And he jumped. I moved, leaving him room to land. He stood up and smiled
"See no harm done"
"I still say you're crazy"
We were on my bed, drinking. None of us were of age, but it didn't stop us. I was laughing at Justin's jokes, which for me was great. I got to see a different side of him from today.
"I have 2 sisters. But one of them is not with us" he looked at me, saying that.
I could smell his breathe on me. Alcohol.
"But no worries I have Mick's sister" he kissed my cheek.
"Why don't you want me to know what's going on?" I asked.
"I'm the gang leader. We're a gang. We race cars, shoot, party, fuck. Mick didn't want you involve" he kissed closer to my lips. "But I say *burp*"
And he fell on me. He was so drunk.
"Justin?.... Earth to Justin?"
"Mmmm.....? Cassie you're hot. I would so....." He got on top of me and started kissing my lips.
Being drunk makes you do crazy things. I kissed him back. Out lips deepening the kiss. Justin's hands started to roam down my down.

"Cassie" he laughed.
He moved his lips down to my neck and began to suck.
"Ohhhh Justin" I moaned out loud.
He took his shirt off, leaving him half naked. His hands began to lift my own top to which he managed to get it off.
"Cassie you're fucking hot. I so went to fuck you" he said, while grabbing my right boob and sucking my left. Was this how I wanted to lost it? I'm drunk, but not as drunk as Justin. I still had my brains working. Before I could stop him or he even got any, a loud car honk went off. We both got up and went over to the window. I put my top back on. There were 4 girls and 5 guys.
"Fuck" Justin said.
"What's wrong?"
"Stay here. Whatever happens, stay here" he demanded.
"Why?" I asked.
"Fuck Cassie. That's Johnny and his crew" he jumped back over to his window and left.
I don't understand. Justin has an enemy? But why? Gangs? My brother is in a gang? But this now, totally got Justin attention now.
"JUSTIN, GET YOUR FUCK FACE OUT HERE" shouted a guy in the middle, I'm guessing his the leader.
I kept watching them, only to see him look up at me and smirk. My mind screamed "FUCK"

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