Fast Furious and Dangerous

Justin and his crew battles against Johnny and his crew.
What happened in the past between Justin and Johnny is now resulting in a Fast, Furious and Dangerous situtaion. But what happens when one of Justin's crew members has a sister? Will Justin be able to protect her from Johnny? Will the bad boy, leader of the crew, Justin fall in love with a innocent girl? Or will Johnny take her away? Fast cars, hot girls and sexy boys. Crews battling and things becoming very very dangerous in... FAST FURIOUS and DANGEROUS!


10. Part 10- Cassie's life hangs in the balance.

*Cassie's POV* 
I watched from my room, when my door opened. I turned around 
"I'm Dara. Justin's sister" 
"I'm Cassie" 
"Justin told me to stay here with you. He says it's best if you stay out of this" 
"I've been told that by everyone." I told her. 
"It's for the best. I never wanted to be in this too. It got out of hand between Justin and Johnny. My own sister chose Johnny over her family" 
"That's what he meant when his sister wasn't with him anymore?"
"Yeah. Look Cassie. I know that Justin likes you" 
"What?" Yeah like he would want me, nothing but sex maybe.
"He wouldn't have made me come here, if he didn't like you. I mean he doesn't care about anyone outside the gang family, but you... Your different. Not just cause you're Mick's sister" 
Just then I heard my brother scream. I turned back to the outside. Johnny looked up at me. Justin was just standing there, well trying. He was drunk. I saw a boy pulling a girl... No Nikki, Justin's ex. 
"Let's race Johnny" I heard Justin say. 
No shit! I pushed past Dara and went outside. I was outside within minutes. I walked passed Mick
"Cassie what are you doing here? Go inside" Mick said, once he saw me. 
He tried to grab my arm, but I pulled away. I was heading for Justin's car. 
I got to Justin. I didn't want him to race. But he wouldn't listen. 
"Fuck that! Mick grab your damn sister" 
I wanted to cry. All this for me? I didn't want it to be.
"Mick let me go..." 
But it was too late, Justin and Johnny were already gone before I even turned around....

Everyone raced onto the road. I did too. They were people already waiting at the end of street to see who had won. 
"You better hope Justin wins for your sake, cause if he doesn't... You're coming with us pretty" 
I turned to see a boy, the same boy who dragged Nikki over to Justin. 
"You might want to know my name... It's Wyatt. You better learn that" he winked at me.
"Back the fuck off" I said to him
He smirked. "I like a girl who can fight, to bad Ryan's girlfriend doesn't know how to. I could have had my way with her so easily" 
"What the fuck was that?" I heard Ryan say. 
"You heard. Your pretty little girlfriend Katy should come stay with me. I'll show her what a real man is" he looked passed all of us and over to Katy. 
She looked scared. So I'd guess she doesn't like being involved in this gang business too. 
"You fucking asshole" Ryan said. 
Next thing I knew I was pushed or pulled away just before the fight broke out. I looked up to see Luke who had took me away. He smiled. 
"Thanks" I said. 
"Didn't think you wanted to fight. Unless you want too?" He asked. 
"No... Thanks" 

"Come on let's go down the street and meet up with Justin"
That seemed like a good planned. But I didn't want my brother left alone. I saw him swinging punching, getting punched. Well everyone, from both sides were attacking. Everyone laying into each other, I can't imagine how much blood their losing. 
"Why aren't you fighting? You're part of Justin's gang" 
"Yeah but see I'm smart" 
I laughed. "You sure are" 
"It's sad how this all started. I'm guessing Justin told you?"
"Not really. He said that he was the gang leader and that one of his sisters wasn't with him" I said. "What's the story?" 
"I can't tell. It's Justin who should say something if he chooses sorry" he looked at me. 
"It's okay" 
We made it to the end of the street. Justin was leaning on his hood of the car, looking down. Me and Luke walked up to him, but before I could reach him Johnny grabbed me and pulled me to him. He was smiling. 

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