Avatar: Makawa's Tale (TLA Fanfic)

It has been a long time since Avatar Aang created an era of peace and the Fire Nation are hungry for power again. Makawa of the Earth Kingdom is the new Avatar, and all he cares about is killing the Fire Nation soldiers that destroyed his life. Soon, though, he realises that the first step on his Avatar journey is learning fire bending. Can he trust anyone? Or is he just going to stand by and watch his world go up in flames. Literally.


6. Princes and Prisoners

“So, why are you looking for Nateki?” Shibokai asked.

“Oh,” Makawa stared at the dense metal walls down the corridor, “well she’s teaching me fire bending. I’m the Avatar.”

At this, the prince whispered something to a soldier. The man in the armour grabbed his hands and pushed him down the stairs.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” Makawa yelled as he was pushed into a cell. The door slammed shut and the footsteps echoed away.

He bashed against the door over and over but it was no use. The thing wouldn’t budge. He looked around the room he was in. It was small and dirty, and lit only by one flaming torch. He was a prisoner now.



Nateki stared in surprise at the creature, empty saddle and nose under its claws in a look of sadness and defeat. The rain was letting up now but the ground was still a minefield of muddy puddles.

She walked up to the massive beast and put a hand on its soft head.

“Where’s Makawa?” She asked.

That was when she saw the smoke just down the river. Makawa must be on a boat of some kind, and he wouldn’t have left Kimu. He had been captured.

She jumped into the saddle and Kimu raced off, following the trail of smoke. It wasn’t long before she saw the fire nation ship in the river to her left.

“I’ll be right back, girl” Nateki said, jumping off Kumi’s back with ease.

She made a noise of approval and stood obediently.

Nateki leapt onto the deck, using fire to propel her into the air. The soldiers tried to restrain her, but she fought against them.


“Come on, stupid metal!” Makawa cried, his fists against the door.

He had heard of metal bending before and now was the perfect time to try it out. Just when he was about to give up, he felt the metal move. He was a metal bender!

“Hurry up!”

He wasn’t a metal bender at all; Nateki had opened the door for him.

They raced up to the deck and where about to jump onto the bank when a familiar voice stopped Nateki in her tracks.

“Where do you think you’re going, Ki-ki?”

She turned around to see Shibokai.

“I told you never to call me that!” She spat, getting close enough to throw a fireball right in his face.

But she didn’t have a chance. Shibokai had grabbed her and summoned some soldiers to help.

“You’re coming home.” He hissed.

Then he turned towards the Avatar.

“And I might just bring you along too, and then I really will be the favourite.”

He shot fist after fist of fire and Makawa dodged each one quickly and carefully. Nateki struggled against the guards, breathing fire into their faces in the hopes that it would loosen their grip on her. At last, she broke free. She grabbed Makawa’s arm and pulled him onto the bank behind her. They ran until they met Kumi, and then jumped into the saddle.

“Never make me have to save you again.” She smiled.

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