Avatar: Makawa's Tale (TLA Fanfic)

It has been a long time since Avatar Aang created an era of peace and the Fire Nation are hungry for power again. Makawa of the Earth Kingdom is the new Avatar, and all he cares about is killing the Fire Nation soldiers that destroyed his life. Soon, though, he realises that the first step on his Avatar journey is learning fire bending. Can he trust anyone? Or is he just going to stand by and watch his world go up in flames. Literally.


2. Nateki

“Who are you?” Makawa yelled, “State your business!”

“Come on now, we both know that aggression isn’t your style.” She said, as if the two had been friends for years.

Makawa was taken aback. The girl seemed to know things about him that strangers wouldn’t. What did she know? Judging by the smirk on her face, a lot.

“Who I am doesn’t matter,” she continued, “but what I have to offer should interest you.”

The mysterious girl stepped forward so that the conversation could be held quietly in the dark streets of the sleeping village.

“And what is it you have to offer, exactly?” His voice shook with terror as the grin on her face grew wider.

A small flame appeared in her hand. She threw it from side to side as if it were a small toy rather than a ball of flames.

“My services.” And then, she did something that Makawa really wasn’t expecting. She bowed.

“I want to teach you fire bending.”                  

“How do I know I can trust you?” He asked, straightening himself out to look as tall and menacing as possible.

“You can trust me because I did not lay a hand on you or your pet when I could have killed you both in a heartbeat.” All the time while she spoke, she stayed in that low bow and did not move a muscle.

Makawa considered her point. It was true, she hadn’t harmed him or Kimu at all, but that wasn’t enough proof. Still, most fire nation people would not bow to the Avatar; they would burn him to a crisp in the blink of an eye. That wasn’t all though; Makawa needed a teacher, and one had presented itself to him. He didn’t really have a choice. Who else would teach him?

She glanced upwards, waiting for his response.

“Alright,” He said at last, helping her onto the badgermoles back, “probably best if we set up camp away from here. The people would freak if they saw any fire bending.”

The girl nodded and Kimu raced out of Omashu and into a dense forest. They travelled in silence until they reached a river, where they decided to set up camp.

“So, I’m Makawa,” The boy introduced himself, “what’s your name?”

The girl hesitated a moment, then sighed.

“My name is Nateki.” She said at last.

“Nateki? I’m sure I’ve heard that name somewhere.” Makawa mused.

“Oh…uh…I’m sure it’s a very popular name.” She smiled hesitantly, her eyes wide.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?” Makawa eyed her with suspicion.

“No. Nothing.”

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