Avatar: Makawa's Tale (TLA Fanfic)

It has been a long time since Avatar Aang created an era of peace and the Fire Nation are hungry for power again. Makawa of the Earth Kingdom is the new Avatar, and all he cares about is killing the Fire Nation soldiers that destroyed his life. Soon, though, he realises that the first step on his Avatar journey is learning fire bending. Can he trust anyone? Or is he just going to stand by and watch his world go up in flames. Literally.


4. Family

“I was born and raised in the fire nation. Wow, shocker. It’s not entirely something I’m proud of, but the reason you’ve heard my name is because I’m the princess.

“I hated having to go to all those awful war meetings with my father. In my opinion, this war is just more senseless violence; ruining people’s lives for entertainment, money and power. When I heard that the new Avatar had been discovered, I ran away.

“I was hoping that I would find you because I’m the only fire bender left who would help you. I’m not doing this for you though; I just want this war to end and the sooner the better.”

There was a moment of silence after Nateki had finished her story. It was a lot to take in, after all.

“You can’t send me back though!” She stood up, yelling as if she were afraid Makawa wouldn’t hear her, “I’m the only fire bending teacher you will ever get!”

She turned and sat down by the riverbank, facing away from him.

Makawa blinked in confusion. Nateki’s outburst came from nowhere, and had vanished just as quickly.

“Nateki,” He sighed, kneeling down beside her, “why would I send you away? I think it was really brave of you to leave and everything. You should always stand up for what you believe in.”

She turned to look at him. Despite the fact that she was smiling, her eyes were red and damp.

“I want this war to end, too. Five years ago, on my eleventh birthday, the Fire Nation army tried to get into Ba Sing Se. My father, along with some other powerful earth benders, did all they could to stop them.

“They were amazing, and the soldiers left. But…my dad didn’t make it. Once I saw what had happened to him I ran in to try and help. Of course, I was too late to save him. One of the soldiers tried to kill me, but I got away just in time.”

He pulled down the left sleeve of his tunic to reveal a large burn scar on his shoulder.

“When I first found out that I was the Avatar,” Makawa continued, “I thought that I could get revenge for what happened to my dad; but somehow I don’t think that’s the right thing to do.”

“I see now,” Nateki said calmly, “we both want this war to end, and we’re both the others only hope at doing that. You’re the only one who can take down the fire lord, but I’m the only one who can teach you fire bending! It’s destiny!”

Nateki had grown more excited as she spoke and was now standing up.

“Don’t you think destiny might be taking it a little too far?” Makawa asked.

She gave him a sharp look that made him feel quite uncomfortable.

“Just kidding,” he said, forcing a smile and holding his arms up in surrender, “it’s obviously destiny.”


The fire nation ship crashed through the waves. The prince was standing on the deck and looking out at the horizon.

“She’s out there somewhere…” He said, more to himself then anything.

“This obsession is unhealthy, Shibokai, I suggest you return home.” Said a large elderly man behind him.

The man had a friendly face, with sufficient wrinkles for any sixty-five year old man, and a shoulder length, grey ponytail.

The prince, on the other hand, had black hair tied in a topknot with the decoration of the crowned prince. He was tall and slim, much like his sister, Nateki; the very girl he was trying to bring home. Maybe then his parents would favour him over Nateki, for once. Maybe then he wouldn’t feel so useless…

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