The Lie

Zoey Hudson Is A 12 Year Old Girl , She's The Little Sister Of Katy Perry .

Zoey And Katy Were The Best Of Friends , But When The Papers Say Something That Isn't True The Relationship Starts To Break , Will Katy Be Able To Tell Zoey The Truth And The Secret Behind It All ?

Find Out Soon ....


3. The Lie - Your Such A Liar

I Sat At The Top Of The Stairs Listening To Katy Speak On The Phone ...

She Then Started Talking About Me ... I Quietly Stood Up But Then Slipped , I Grabbed Hold Of The Bars And Ran Into My Room . I Heard Katy Rushing Up The Stairs ... And Into My Room !

I Just Stared At The Window In Front Of Me . Katy Crouched Down Next To Me I Could Feel Her Eyes Staring Right At Me I Knew This Was Not Going To Be Good ....

" What Do You Think Your Doing ? " Katy Said Quietly But Loud Enough For Me To Hear .

" N-Nothing ... " I Replied To Katy's Question Still Staring At The Window In Front Of Me .

" Really ... Then Why Were You Listening To Me On The Phone ? " Katy Said Still Staring At Me.

I Stayed Quiet Not Moving Or Taking My Eyes Of The Window .

" How Can You Be So Quiet ... Answer Me Zoey ! " Katy Shouted Right In My Ear .

" I-I Wanted To See If You Said ... Anything About Me " I Said Looking Down At My Hands .

" What Would I Of Said ? " She Said It So ... Comforting ... She Was Defintley Lying To Me She's Done It So Many Times ... 

I Now The Papers Weren't True ... But There Was Something Else ... That Is True .

" Promise Me Something Katy ... " I Said Looking Up At Her .

" What's That " Katy Asked Me .

" Promise That You Won't Ever LIE To Me " I Asked Katy ... I Was Scared Of What The Answer Would Be .

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