The Lie

Zoey Hudson Is A 12 Year Old Girl , She's The Little Sister Of Katy Perry .

Zoey And Katy Were The Best Of Friends , But When The Papers Say Something That Isn't True The Relationship Starts To Break , Will Katy Be Able To Tell Zoey The Truth And The Secret Behind It All ?

Find Out Soon ....


6. The Lie - John And Mom

It Was ... John , David , My " Mum " And My " Dad " . They All Started Arguing Except John . John Looked Over At Me And Smiled . I Smiled Back , John Came Over And Sat Next To Me . He Placed His Hand On My Right Shoulder .

" You Okay ... Sorry That's A Stupid Question . " John Said .

I Looked At Him And Smiled .

" No It's Not And I'm Fine ... Hang On Do You Know ? " I Asked John .

" Yeah I Do Katy's Really Your Mom . " John Said Replying To My Question .

Maybe John Wasn't All What My Friends Said ... But Maybe He Is , I on't Know The Truth About Him Yet So ... Lets Just Wait And See .


" Would You Like To Get A Drink ... Then You Can Be Away From The Arguing ? " John Asked Me .

I Looked Over To The Kitchen Then Back At John , I Nodded .

" Alright ... Come On Then , You Got A Coat ? " John Asked .

" Yeah I Have I'll Go And Fetch It " I Said Running Up The Stairs To Grab My Coat .

I Came Back Down To See John Waiting For Me , I Ran Down The Stairs Not Looking Where I Was Going , I Suddenly Crashed Into Katy . She Quickly Grabbed My Arm Before I Fell And Pulled Me Back To My Feet .

" You Alright Kitten ? " Katy Asked With A Worried Look On Her Face .

I Nodded " Yeah " I Replied To Katy's Question .

" Good ... And Where Are You Two Off To ? " Katy Asked Raising An Eyebrow At Me ... Because Of The Comment Earlier .

" I Thought I Could Take Zoey Out To Get A Drink or Something ,To Take Her Mind Of The Arguing " John Said Replying To Katy .

" And That's Alright With You Babe ? " Katy Asked Me .

I Nodded Again , Whilst Putting My Coat On .

" Okay You Ready ? " John Asked Going To Open The Door .

" Yeah ... But Could I Talk To Katy First Please ? " I Asked John .

" Of Course ... I'll Be Out In The Car " John Said Replying To My Comment As Well As Walking Outside And Shutting The Door Behind Him .

I Looked Over At Katy .

" What's Wrong Babes ? " Katy Said Walking Over To Me Whilst Stroking My Cheek .

" Why Are They Arguing ... They Know I'm Your Daughter " I Said Replying To Katy's Question.

" It's Complicated ... I'll Tell You Later Tonight . " Katy Said .

" And ... Does It Mean I Call Them Nan And Grandad And David -

" Nan And Grandad But Just Call David ... David " Katy Said Laughing .

I Laughed As Well .

Suddenly My Nan And Grandad Came Out And Stared At Us .

Katy Took Her Hand Off My Cheek Which Made Me Look At Her .

" What Did You Tell Her Zoey ! " My Grandad Yelled .

" Don't Speak To Her Like That ... You Know You Did Wrong ... She's My Daughter And Your Grand Daughter ! " Katy Shouted At Both My Nan And Grandad .

John Came Back Into The House And Looked At Me , I Went Over To Him .

" Can We Go Please ? " I Adsked Quietly .

" Yeah Of Course . " John Said .

We Walked Out Of the House And To His Car , We Both Got In And Put Our Belts On .

A Few Minutes Later We Arrived At McDonalds . John Helped Me Out Of The Car And Into McDonalds As There Were Lots Of Paps Around , Once We Got In McDonalds I Felt Sick . I Wanted Katy So Much .

" John Could We Get A Drink Then Go Back ? " I Asked .

" Of Course ... But Why So Fast ? " He Asked .

" Um ... I Want To Be With Katy " I Said Replying to John .

" Okay Little Miss ... What Would You Like To Drink ? " John Asked Me .

" Um ... Could I Just Have A Coke Please " I Said Relpying To John .

" Of Course Little Miss " He Said Whilst Looking At Me And Smiling .

I Smiled Back .

Once We Ordered The Drinks We Got Through The Paps With Help From Fans And Then Back Into Johns Car . John Started The Car Up And Drove Back To Katy's House .

We Got To Katy's I Was So Messed Up In My Mind , That I Hadn't Realised We Were At Katy's .

We Got Into Katy's ... There Was No Arguing . We Went Into The Kitchen To Find Katy And David Sitting At The Table Drinking Coffee .

Katy Came Over And Hugged Me .

" Oh Kitten ... I'm Sorry " She Said Whilst Kissing My Forehead .

" It's Fine ... Where's Nan And Grandad ? " I Asked .

" They Left ... They Didn't Want To Listen To Katy's Arguing " David Said Replying To My Question .

" Oh Okay . " I Said .

Katy Took My Coat And Put It On The End Of The Stairs .

" Are You Hungry ? " Katy Asked Me .

" A Little " I Replied .

" Well I Made You Cheesy Pasta ... You Don't Have To Eat It All " Katy Said Whilst Placing The Food On The Table .

" Okay Thank You " I Said Whilst Sitting At The Table And Start To Eat My Food . Katy Went To Talk To John For A Bit .


I Got Into Bed And Fell Asleep As Soon As I Ate The Pasta .



I Suddenly Woke Up Screaming ....



What Is Going To Happen ? Is Zoey Okay ? Do You Like Katy's Nickname For Zoey ?

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